Reunion Island

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Still on it to this day. Being ill at the moment, I’ve chosen to go back to the roots for re-sourcing, peace and quiet. I’ve forgotten how beautiful this place was. Last time I visited was 25 years ago! Obviously, a lot has changed; buildings have grown pretty much everywhere along the coast, mainly the west side. I landed on 1st, January 2011, spending my new years eve up in the air. Since celebrating the Christian Gregorian Calendar doesn’t mean anything to me, I was glad I spend my night watching the African night sky with its stars, meteorites, etc…

Since it is a French overseas department, consumerism had to reach the island eventually and it did. The young generation has gone a little fatter, McDonald’s and co have flourished across the cities. Kids walk around with mp3, designer clothes. Just not as bad as Europe though…yet. How disappointing!

The country side has remained pretty untouched. Good, cause that’s where all the beauty lays. There are 3 Circus, one active volcano, waterfalls, lagoons, flora and fauna, etc.

So far so good.


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