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Amazing trip, beautiful country. Shocking how folks there still have their sense of humanity after the shit they’ve been through. Ours is gone and we don’t even have a reason for it (Wait til they get tired of the tourists when they start coming in mass… )! I’m just not used to seeing so many people smiling.

Corporate mentality hasn’t reach the country (yet) meaning that you can observe a lot of liberties that no longer exist in the west (no regulation, no health and safety, no court summon- it’s all sorted out on the spot with the police-, etc.) like on the road for example.

Amazing landscape though you can see the illegal logging is becoming a problem there. The big cities have already been contaminated by capitalism and the contrast with the countryside is huge (people living naked in shacks as opposed to concrete housing and Khmer women dressing like Irish girls on a night out in Falaraki only tackier).


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