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All my world frustrations and amazement  in pictures. I used to upload them on Since the site has shut down las month, I thought it’d be a good idea to recycle them and post them somewhere else like say, my own blog!

I started them in May 2009 hoping to make the most of my creativity online, associating my ideas with pictures publicly available. I picked mostly from the web and sometimes from my own private collection. Obviously, some of them may be copyrighted, so as much as I could, I made sure the author’s signature remained visible on the picture I used for my poster. For the others, I do hope the author won’t mind and I will be ever so grateful for them to allow me to use their photos for my purpose, which is to hopefully get the viewers to question and challenge their thinking as well as appreciate the original author’s photo through my personal interpretation of it! After all, they get me thinking and talking too.

However, if you recognise your photo and do not wish to have it associated with my poster, feel free to contact me via my email and I shall take it off immediately. I could always find more appropriate pictures available publicly if it really bothers you.

In any case, you can enjoy them fully HERE  as well with a bigger and clearer view.

Hope you’ll enjoy them all :p


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