by LYNNE McTAGGART. (Website)

Comments & introduction below the embedded, by jackieBn


That force that many scientists, physicists, biologists, botanists, philosophers and all sorts of spiritual researchers sense the existence of but can’t quite put their finger on it nor measure it!

This force seems to exist for many as the boundary between the material and the immaterial worlds. It’s believed to be the (quantum) world of sub-atomic particles, behaving as waves on one side, as particle on the other. It also seems to be immensely dense, full of energy. And no one has yet found a way to tap into this energetic field that appears available ad vitam aeternam as it is present in every single particle of the universe.

It also appears to be the “place” where all particles connect with one another, no matter how far apart. Basically this field is believed to be the proof that we are all one and all connected in the universe by means of communication through this densely energetic field…

If I understood the ‘physics’ behind it, the particle would disappear into the field for feed back (to report) about its experience of the material world. Then, this experience is shared with or communicated or informed to the entire universe as this very field is common to all particles that exist in the physical world, then this particle “reappears” from this field back in its atomic space with new information gathered from other particles’ experiences. For many, without this process, we would never be able to see colours the same way for instance, or any other material entity for that matter. From this field comes our collective memory.

And since we are all made out of particles, imagine we disappear into this common room that’s on the other side and invisible to the physical world. We gather there and exchange information to make sure we’re all in tune and ready to move on back in the physical world. We communicate with animals, plants, rocks, forces of nature, etc. We ought to remember this. It’s being proven more and more every now and then. For ex: water reacts to our emotions, plants are not insensitive to our talking to them.

Science is having hard time keeping up with this reality. Their experiments keep giving unexpected results the further they look into the world of the infinitely small! By definition, Science must deny the existence of spiritual entities, of immaterial ‘worlds’ or even consciousness as it is all immeasurable. She must reconcile with metaphysics and philosophy in order to unveil the secrets of our universe… I wonder when that would be.

In the meantime, here’s some reading walking you through many experiments that stumbled into this force, giving out quite extraordinary results that just make you want to go and try and reach within yourself and get closer to the almighty because deep down you know that it’s where you’ll find it… within the cell, within the atom you’re made of, with meditation and visualisation.

In the original Star Wars film, the Force is first described by Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi as “an energy field created by all living things that surround and penetrates living beings and binds the galaxy together”. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?! Maybe Mr. Lucas was trying to teach us something here…

Anyways, enjoy the book!



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