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Please go to the bottom of this post for information about the books and the author. Enjoy the reading !

First book, “Handbook for the New Paradigm”  This book comes in 3 volumes which full text can be read the “” website at this address. Below is the first of these three volumes. Enjoy.Read it online at:

Second book, “Becoming

Third book,  “Message from the Ground Crew

So what is this all about? Well from what I understand, it’s about awareness, waking people up to new realities, self realisation and acknowledgement of one’s true potentials. Coming from a person (George Green, the author of those 3 embedded books) that mingled among the highest ranked in the political arena and with substantial acquaintances among the elite or The Power That Be (TPTB), it is o so surprising yet even more encouraging! It means there are still good people out there who are prepared to take risks (to be ridiculed, have his close ones threatened or himself turn up socially or physically dead) and tell the world about upcoming events and what is being planned for us by the synarchic governing entities. That is, of course, if he is a genuine person… You decide. Just bear in mind that not all events he mentions will take place on the same day that’s on everyone’s lips! Some have already started, some will spread over weeks, months or years, some will indeed happen or start on Dec 21st, some we won’t even notice, see or feel are already happening, and some will end on 21st Dec! Use insight.

There is only so much people like me can verify as my resources are very limited! Obviously we all have to use discernment when dealing with unconventional and status-quo challenging material. But some getting used to reading about what the average uneducated person would qualify as “conspiracy stuff or New Age garbage”, enables you to differentiate true messages and warnings from disinformation, hoaxes, fear mongering or misleading contents. I truly hope you are one of them if you ended up here. If you are just curious or new to this “2012 consciousness shift” phenomenon, then the first advice stands above all: use discernment, do your own research and come to your own conclusions. But, honestly, if you haven’t yet heard about at the very least “End of the world” stories, about the Mayan Calendar and the beginning of a new era or about the “New World Order” and the global governance, then I just wonder what planet you’ve been living on for the past decades?? In any case, it is never too late to start and get some interest about the world’s affairs.

It’s really hot topic, subjects such as cloning, ETs, Alien technology transfer program (TTP), time travel, star travel, economic collapse, nuclear war (wwIII), multidimensionality, consciousness, etc. are being raised by George Green. Like I always say, it’s a matter of conviction; just as in religion or science, after deeply looking into it, you either believe in it or you don’t. What I personally appreciate about this new 2012 paradigm, it’s really a communion of all “sciences”: science,  religion, spirituality, metaphysics, astrology, cosmogony and philosophy. The key to comprehending all this is to study and understand what matter, mind and spirit are under all the different angles. After you cannot help but reconcile all the apparently diverging doctrines and get a bigger picture of the human being, the world, the universe and divinity…  Hope you enjoy the material.

About George Green:

(exrpt from his site’s “about” section):

Born in 1939. Former investment banker (Registered Financial Principal with the N.A.S.D. and a Broker/Dealer. Securities Underwriter, Real Estate Developer, Insurance Broker and Publisher. A frequent guest on radio and TV talk shows. He is Publisher of “Handbook for the New Paradigm” written by the ET’s. […] He is President of Global Insights, Inc. George Green has spoken to 1000s of people through his lectures and has appeared on numerous talk shows and TV shows telling his story.

What his website is about

(exrpt from his site’s “about” section):

“Dear Friends,

Thank you for your interest in our catalog of unusual and informative materials. The knowledge gained will give you choices in the days ahead and lessons of discernment as the chaos increases. It is necessary for those of you who are now in the “know” so to speak, to begin to focus on staying in the observer mode. This means as the chaos begins you will have to remain calm in the eye of the storm about you and know that it is an incredible play that is on many levels. *** Though the global changes will be escalating on all fronts, it is time for you to get prepared for all contingencies. Please share the video “The Big Picture” as it will help you understand the Play as presented. *** Thank you for participating and helping to get the Handbook For the New Paradigm into as many hands as possible. *** “We are all humans becoming, help us become!” *** Seminar topics include the coming economic collapse and how to prepare for the future. ***A former investment banker is probably the last person you’d expect aliens to choose to communicate with but that is exactly what has happened to publisher George Green.


  • George reveals How he was contacted,
  • Why he was chosen and
  • the Vital Message he agreed to relay.

UFO sightings are frequently reported, but how many people can actually say they regularly communicate with “space beings.” George has made an agreement to publish the extraterrestrial information to “awaken” us earthlings so we may all be in contact (those that choose to be). George will discuss how and when he saw his first spacecraft, subsequent investigation and how things began to “happen” in his life.

  • How Earth began as a “prison planet” – a penal colony for the universe.
  • Why the latest “Star Trek” movie parallels the aliens urgent message to Earth.
  • An overview of how you can be part of the solution to the “happenings” on the planet.
  • The 300 most powerful people who control every major decision on Earth.
  • An incredible slide show of close-up pictures of several “beamships” and pictures of our space brothers/sisters (who live to be 1000 years old).
  • The Plan 2000 (The PLAN TO BEGIN WWIII) and how that will act upon your lives. BIOLOGICAL WARFARE AND PROTECTION.
  • The planned financial collapse and what you can do about it. “


VIDEO (youtube): George Green’s “The big Picture” Part 1/2:

The video was first released between the years 2004/2006 (it is not clear to me, I go by the video upholders’ introduction comment, as many as can find and as far back as possible, to get a specific first release date), Since then have some of the events he mentioned then ever occurred or are they happening?  We’re talking about the US government policies, banking, US Dollar currency & cash, UFO & alien phenomena, Food industry and supply, nuclear missiles, etc. ? Well, it’s been over 8 years now, to make sure you did your homework too, feel free to respond and write down what you noticed has changed in the United States so far…   Enjoy!


George Green’s “The Big Picture” part 2/2

Notice, on the vodeo, at around 01:10:33, Someone in the audience asks G.G. about the how come of his immunity. Indeed, some folks don’t have that luck to be still alive after releasing establishment challenging information! He explains how far back it goes…


Now here is what a “DEBUNKER” named Phil Langdon from UK has to say about George Green’s friend Billy Meier’s “wedding cake” flying saucer experience… I found his video by chance while browsing the “youtube” site. Looking through Phil’s youtube channel, where the video below is from, one can notice that he seems to be a frequent debunker of ufo hoaxes, witnesses or specialists. So whether you part for one version or the other, both must be taken with a pinch of salt. Now, after viewing this video, what does that tell you? That apparently, anyone  with loads of time in one’s hands could reproduce the same flying object with the finest details and take “fake” pictures of it so that it all looks like the “original”. Mission accomplished?  I’d say he’s done a very good job proving he can replicate a particular ufo in scales. Now does it prove the original fake indeed? Absolutely not. In order to prove that, I believe it takes a little more than a debunker. Phil should submit his work and pictures along with the originals  (if not the originals last in case it influences judgment) to UFO specialists and professional photograph analysts to get this particular job done. Although it can be reproduced, it doesn’ prove the original a fake at all. But it does get one to question the legitimacy of the “original” ones, I give you that!! The saucer looks much less sophisticated than what we usually see caught on cameras. I mean by that, most ufo reported have smoother surface and are much flatter. The “wedding cake” saucer looks like those that the German, during WWII, were trying to recreate or work on, minus the balls all around the craft. So it is all quite confusing if you’re not used to looking at ufo photos of all sorts and thus difficult to make an educated judgment. That’s why we need to be curious about this and go look further..

So at this stage of “debunking”, is it real or man-made? You be judge, still! In any case, this shouldn’t undermine George Green Testimonies because he’s a friend of Billy’s or because he supports Billy’s witness accounts. Unless of course one can prove he’s also part of the hoax…

GET CURE-YOU-S! I’s healthy :)

To be continued…


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