The Journey of the Souls

“The Journey of the Souls” is in PDF format. You’ll find the full version here.

The Journey of the Souls, by Michael Newton, PhD

Review by JackieBN

Foreword: This note is not addressed to specialists or professionals in the domain of science or metaphysics, but instead to the average folk (like me I’d assume) with a keen interest in discovering the how and why things and people are the way they are, but also to people who are just not satisfied with the mainstream responses to their existential crisis questions! All this writing is done with a relatively normal language without too many technicalities I hope. Internet is a great tool that can direct us to appropriate readings, documentaries, seminaries, workshops, forums, etc. Therefore, for any reference anyone feels is required, I suggest you document yourself on your own conditions, starting by “searching” any unusual expressions you come across with through my note, and then let the Universe take you where it’ll be taking you… That is the beauty of truth-seeking. Seeking truth on my own terms (as opposed to being directed by a third-party) has brought me to places I would never have conceived in the past. At least now I cannot blame anybody for what’s going on in my fragile little mind lately! Yet I thank the universe for having taken me up to the point where I’m at now. I believe this is the stage I was meant to be at this time. I can feel this transformation taking place in my mind and in my perception of the world around me and reality. There is something rewarding about this unexplainable transformation and the path I chose to get here that should be experienced by each and every one of us. Isn’t that the whole point of living anyway? I sure hope that I will have help at least one of you in that matter. Enjoy the reading :)


Dr Michael Newton PhD’s The journey of the souls is a 10 year Case Study book about 29 of his most interesting case subjects who went under hypnosis into a ‘sub-conscious’ state then a ‘super-conscious’ state. The subjects recalled their past lives and what happens to them between reincarnations. We get graphic details of what it feels like to die, what the “spirit world” is like, what we do as souls etc.

Dr M Newton is a counsellor and hypnotherapist specialised in the treatment of psychological disorders. He uses age regression techniques to determine the origin of childhood traumas, phobia, medically unexplained physical pains and disturbing memories.

Under hypnosis or when in a super conscious state, it appears that we cannot analyse or interpret what we see and hear for we are not conscious; instead we can report images and dialogues as an observers in what seems like a semi-conscious state, but isn’t. It is similar to situations where you are talking in your sleep; a person could talk to you while you are dreaming and get a response from you, only you are not conscious that you are doing it (for the anecdote, I actually experienced that with my sister who was talking in her sleep one night: as I was awake, working on my computer on the bed, I heard her speak; I softly asked who she was conversing with and she responded! I asked a couple of more questions and spontaneously decided to write down the words that were coming out of her mouth so I could give her feedbacks in the morning. She was spooked to hear me mention the name of a person she hadn’t heard from for 5 years and impressed with myself I surely was!). From all these subjects’ accounts, we gather that the soul or the super conscious, the entity that’s incarnating our physical body, is our real self and never-dying once it’s created. To access it, we need to be in a specific state where our brain emits very low-frequency waves. It is a state between sleeping and waking.

According to subjects accounts, the soul appears to be the real self in a non physical state. After death, it goes to a place subjects commonly refer to as the “Spirit World”. It can be described as a limitless circle (it feels round as we move about and has no visible edge. It could also be sphere like. Descriptions vary but it feels definitely round), with different shades of whites inside that’s filling the place. In this ‘spirit world’ are beings Dr Newton worked out to be the souls, described as balls of energy with two dots for eyes and some kind of aura around each entity with a specific colour defining different stages of their spiritual development. Communication between beings is made by telepathy and “touching” although bodies aren’t physical.

A new soul is created at the centre of this place/circle/sphere then “sent” out round the edge. The whole place seems to be very efficiently organised with some sort of hierarchy. The aim of the “game” seems to be making ones way back toward the centre of this place, to join the creator. On the way, the soul is learning to become a perfect compassionate selfless entity capable of creating as well. In order to do so, souls incarnate physical bodies on different planets and dimensions to experiment, learn during each lifetime then bring this learning back to the spirit world and add it to the collective consciousness or super soul so it can expand itself. That seems to be the order of the day as well (or eternity!): the expansion of the creator by creating entities that will learn to become what it is. Expansion is the creator’s reason for living.

The way I see it:

Although direct material proof of hypnotic recall is impossible at the moment, I tend to agree that it doesn’t make it any less true. That which isn’t palpable can certainly not be proven in the old Cartesian way but its existence may nonetheless be undeniable through experience. After all, a hallucination is real to the one who experiences it. Yet, can we prove a hallucination? Yet again, psychiatrists believe hallucinations are real (without tangible proof of their manifestations) and medicate patients to get rid of them! How consistent is that for hard science? Having said that, there is always a chance that my statement is moronic and that science found a perfectly rational way to prove hallucinations real. It is also the case with dreams; everybody recalls seeing images or vividly experiencing things in their sleep every now and then. Although one cannot present proof of these images, it remains true that they saw them. We can only content ourselves with their recollection which should be proof enough of what they dreamt, should they be honest about it. As far as I am concerned, the proof, any proof, becomes proof from the moment we choose to believe beyond reasonable doubt that it is true or real after open-minded consideration and examination. It doesn’t have to be palpable because not everything that exists is palpable and that which isn’t palpable can’t just be ignored due to lack of solidity.

The reality of the spiritual world as a different realm or dimension where our soul goes to when it quits its physical envelope (the body) is supported by the consistency of the reports in many other investigations regarding similar experiences (out-of-body, near death, dream, etc.). Since these kind of experiences cannot be measured, most of the reports are based on witnesses accounts. From these, it has been established that the soul is an entity of non material consistency that can move out of the body and travel to other realms or dimension other than the 3 dimensional one where we dwell in a physical state. This is also consistent with the new science of A. R. Bordon’s New Life Physics which I invite you to have a good look through, as it reconciles wonderfully science with metaphysics and exopolitics. The spiritual world would then be just an extra dimension that can be access mentally with the help of a new form of energy called “negative energy” (read further down for more details about negative energy).

From all this reading of “The Journey of the Souls”, it comes out that life on earth may be an illusion but the experience lived is very real since it is being brought back to the spirit world which is also a real world with real beings formerly incarnating illusory bodies, are you following me? It feels a bit like being in a virtual game, we know it isn’t for real but the experience remains real as we do get our rush of adrenaline! At the end of the game, we are back to reality, to recount our experience and share it with the group.

Souls in different circumstances #1: Life Physics

There are similitudes with the extra dimensions mentioned in new Life Physics where intelligent beings called Hyperversal live in a non physical state in dimensions other than our 4-spacetime (4-spacetime is short for our 3 dimensions in space, plus time as a 4th). In Newton’s book, the passage between our dimension, the physical universe, to the spirit world is described as a tunnel by his subjects under hypnosis. Similarly, in new Life Physics, the passage to other dimensions or universes is done through black holes (tunnel like) which contain the ‘negative energy’ that’s making it all possible.

Also, according to new life physics, intelligent beings (aliens) exist in 3 types: 1] bio-energetic (i.e. no physical body, formless, just energy (aka in-formation cloud, or soul); 2] onto-bio-energetic (i.e. 3dimensional, body+soul, like humans or like the now infamously renown grays) or 3] onto-cyber-energetic (natural & artificial body+soul). Bioenergetic entities can travel from a dimension to another with thought-based technology, they are higher than the other 2 types of beings in terms of intelligence and they resemble the spirits described by most subjects who encountered other souls visually when they are in altered state of consciousness. One can’t help but wonder if these highly intelligent beings without bodies aren’t the ones incarnating physical ones like say, ours, which would seem the only way for them to experience life in a specific dimension or planet. And that, begs one question about us…

A.R. Bordon PhD, the director of New Life Physics group (NLPG-c), is a scientist as well as a novelist and screenwriter born in Brazil. As a writer, he has written some twenty screenplays including several sci-fi blockbusters. Through the use of neurosensing technology, he introduces us to a new “working model” of our universe that he dubbed “a magnificently complex and intelligent domain of interconnected thought”, showing that ” physical science is idiomaterial science, physics is idiomaterial physics and being body-minds (biominds) ourselves, we are idiomaterial beings as well”. By idiomaterial, understand made of the same stuff, in essence. This Working Model is a guide for “the development and evolution of all complex oscillating biological entities (COBEs) that take up residence in the vast expanse of the Unum”. By Unum, understand the Universe”.

Negative energy has been discovered in retrieved UFO spacecrafts while reverse-engineering them in early 1950’s. It is the basis for a phenomenon known as “electrogravity” also known as ” zero-point energy” or “scalar electromagnetism”. It is a “strange new energy phenomenon that has extraordinary data and communication potential” according to George LoBuono, writer and investigative researcher in California, as mentioned in his book Alien Mind, a Primer (about alien, human interactions and alien negative energy based technology), allowing for human abilities such as telepathy. I recommend the works of Physicist Thomas T BROWN regarding electrogravity and Quantum Physicist David J Bohm regarding the nature of the mind. Bohm reconciles science with spirituality in issues such as the nature of mind and in the fact that our brain activities (different types of wave emissions) allow for the mind to literally travel to other dimensions!

Souls in different circumstances #2: Aliens

Yet an other respectable “head doctor” became involved with exotic issues (considering his field of studies). In this case, aliens seen by subjects are likened to the spirits encountered in  Michael Newton’s Spirit world (from The Journey of the Souls). This is an excerpt taken from the website “”:

“The abduction phenomena received a boost in 1994 with the publication of a book called Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens. The book was written by John E. Mack, M.D. (1929-2004), professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Pulitzer prize-winning author. In it, Mack related a number of abduction stories told to him by patients. In a highly unusual move for a psychiatrist, Mack gave these stories credibility and suggested they could be based on real events. In a subsequent book entitled Passport to the Cosmos: Human Transformation and Alien Encounters, Mack expanded his abduction hypothesis to include the involvement of God and messages of divine hope. Despite widespread criticism of Mack’s conclusions, the fact that such a respected authority was taking abduction seriously helped sustain a growing subculture concerned with the actions and motivations of extraterrestrials.”

So this is what I’ve gathered so far:

  • When we die, our soul leaves our body and join the spirit world where dwell other spiritual entities of energetic substance and communicating by telepathy. These entities (souls) incarnate physical bodies at will until they’ve acquired enough experience to “qualify” for joining even greater (more intelligent, responsible & compassionate) kind of beings, if not the one behind all this creativity.
  • When we sleep, when we are in a coma or, when our brain is at rest, i.e. at its lowest level of activity, our soul can leave our body temporarily and travel beyond the physical realm to a place where we experience dreams and where we may interact with other entities.
  • When the brain is at rest, it emits extremely low-frequency waves (E.L.F) that can pass through solids and travel far out into space. This state (of mind) allow for abilities such as neurosensing, remote sensing or even telepathy.
  • In new life physics, negative energy is the basis for phenomenon called electrogravity allowing for abilities such as those mentioned above as well as space & time travel. Electrogravity is also the basis for alien spacecraft technology.
  •  In New Life Physics, there exist multiple universes and extra dimensions. In physical time/3D (or 4-spacetime) dimensions dwell beings with physical bodies; beyond the 4-spacetime dimension dwell massless entities (thought or information cloud). These entities can incarnate or use energetic bodies via neurosensing to “adjust” to different realms of reality.


It seems to me here that we are dealing with the same thing. We don’t die, we are not essentially human (or from Earth), our 90/95% “junk” DNA contains the potential for time travel, neurosensing and telepathy and the spirit world may not be the retirement place human call Heaven but another dimension our real self go back to after incarnation but where we can also travel to back and forth when we’re resting.

We are not our body but that substance that’s contained in it! Once we grasp that concept, it becomes feasible for the real self to move about and communicate beyond the physical limits of the 4-space/time. Physics and Metaphysic are one and the same science I reckon and we are working on finding the dot that connects both fields.

“The Journey of the Souls” is in PDF format. You’ll find the full version here.

You can also read through the key results of the study case here.



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