Kefir Fungus MacroI have just been passed on a little batch of KEFIR grains by a dear friend who recommended them as a perfect complement to my already natural approach to treating cancer. She’s included it into her diet, so has her mother and they both brought some very positive and motivating feedbacks.

Since it is only the 2nd day of ingesting the fermented milk after draining the brew and separating the ever so strange cauliflower looking grains, it is a little too early for me to tell you what good it is doing to me or whether I feel any different from inside! Bear with me here :)

Obviously, before deciding to include KEFIR into my diet, I went online to document myself about the origin and health benefit of the grains.

I discovered there were  2  different KEFIR: WATER or MILK. There may be a 3rd type called Kombucha but I need to look further into this one. For now, I am starting with the milk KEFIR and will try to convert some of the multiplying grains into water KEFIR.

The good thing about these grains is that they are growing as they ferment the substance they are dipped into feeding from the nutrient they contain. So you  basically have and endless supply of grain and can unsparingly share it around you, it is free and seems to be having huge health benefits that I invite you all to discover by yourself.

In this link you will find some recipes for WATER KEFIR and some complementary information about it and how to conserve it.

Below, I found on this document about KEFIR that seem to give a pretty good and easy to read biography of KEFIR, its origin, history, culture, use, composition and health benefits.

UPDATE: December 1st, 2012

Hi folks, well a good year and a half into the Kefir diet, I’m still here! Since I have moved from Reunion Island (Indian Ocean) to France, the Kefir didn’t follow me in the moving process, it’s been forgotten at the last minute in the fridge, aaaargh (frustration)! So it is now my 5th month without this particular routine. It is difficult to tell whether it is affecting my health as my body got used to drinking Kefir juice (from grapes, was my favorite) and milk. I can say for sure that while I was taking the potion on a daily basis, I was never feeling any discomforts in my stomach or bowels; no particular headache, no migraine, no nothing. As I know it is mostly good for digestive system, I was always happy to drink it. My health has been generally good considering I’m still fighting cancer since 2009. I had decided to take the holistic approach to treat it with other health supplements and herbs etc. So Kefir was obviously not the only ingredient I was ingesting to get better or at least to maintain a certain degree of good health. During my time in Reunion Island, since January 2011, my health actually got better. I suppose, leaving a depressing French winter, running away from un-understanding cancer doctors, and interrupting chemo were the best moves I ever made. What I found in Reunion was loads of love from my folks, which helped me get better the most, then the sun, the sea and good and healthier homemade food. I only started Kefir 6 months later and for sure, I didn’t get any worse because of it.

In conclusion, I am still recommending that you all try & go for it as it has so much health benefits, there’s got to be something in it for you! Plus it is free (just get it from someone who already has plenty! Or simply buy it once from an organic shop and grow it forever after..). I have shared my surplus with everyone around me that was keen on trying, my aunty, cousin, grandma, friends, etc. Some didn’t want to try it because it looks so unappetising to them, some others were just to scared of trying something totally new to them or rather something their doctor didn’t prescribed them. We all know what ignorance does to people… Anyways, that’ll be all for me here.

Don’t hesitate to share your KEFIR experience in the comment box so readers can have a pre-taste of what they could be missing out on!


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