by JackieBN

I am deeply concerned about the health system and the choice of nutrition and medication in Europe which is being continuously attacked by the external forces (Codex Alimentarius, Monsanto and other Pharmaceutical Companies) who seek to undermine my access to natural options of medication and nutrition (supplements, natural, clean and pure dietary remedies) for the sole purpose of achieving a drug and food market monopoly and of creating dependency by attempting to generate and own artificial seeds and suppressing the natural seed by any mean necessary.

In the light of the European directive on the use of medicinal plants (THMPD, 2004/24/EC) taking full effect in March 2011, I kindly request the support of all representatives of the European commission as well as local MP’s  and any individuals who care about their welfare, against the prohibition or restriction of natural herbs and remedies use, distribution and sale.

I think it is unacceptable not to allow the sale and distribution of natural products with traditional ancestry because their benefits haven’t been proven scientifically or because they haven’t been used for so many years. Beside, science as we know it today is just a few centuries old. Plants and herbs are millenia old. How did we acquire the knowledge about them and their virtues 3000 or 15.000 years ago? Wasn’t knowledge acquired by means other than scientific ones at the time? Yet doctors back then knew well how to use them efficiently. Yet again, plants submitted to ‘scientific’ studies have found their health benefit confirmed today. So why impose research and studies on every plant of this world knowing that these methods (suspiciously inadequate)require heavy financing on the part of the person who would like to sell his cultures, if not to precisely slow or halt medicinal herbs and natural food supplements?

Add to that the fact that today’s cosmetics and hygiene products are advertised as containing plants’ or plant derived active ingredients and their beneficial properties proudly bragged about! Worse still, today’s physicians present an oath before Hippocrates, prior to assuming their function. Hippocrates,  5th century physician who used to treat with and swear by plants and herbs and upon whom today’s medicine is built! Don’t you find this a tat hypocritical, ungrateful and disgraceful on the part of orthodox medicine and pharmaceutical?

Every substance we ingest is potentially harmful and toxic. That goes for  natural and synthetic substances, water too! It is a matter of dosage and quantity. If I choose to use medicinal plants it is because proposed pharmaceutical drugs contain synthetic molecules and active ingredients which are versions based on those of the plants and I prefer what nature has to offer, thank you. We all know that synthetic version are financially more rewarding than the natural ones. I suspect here that information is deliberately and carefully chosen to mislead me, the consumer: pharmaceutical drugs and artificial products benefits are happily advertised and their harmful side effects omitted or ever so tiny-printed. In the same way, natural products benefits and rarer side effects are deliberately silenced or ommitted, whereas their potential harmfulness when misused is disproportionately propagated and underlined.  Like there isn’t any misuse of pharmaceutical drugs! Why else would plants be used in the manufacturing of synthetic products while the consumer is being advised against using or ingesting them?

Honestly, whatever next? Will it be forbidden to grow plant in our own garden for personal consumption? With this kind of precedent, I can imagine myself living in a world where the air will have been deliberately polluted and a licence will be demanded in order to breathe oxygen delivered by the very company responsible for the pollution in the first place…

Which reminds me: I find it ever so interesting that Monsanto is being allowed to grow its GMO seeds out in the open air even though it hires qualified scientists who would know better that wind blows and bees wonder about carrying pollens to the neighbouring fields. How convenient if you want to contaminate small businesses productions and then accuse them of using your products without authorisation!! Unfortunately, there is no way for anyone to prove that he didn’t use Monsanto’s poison or that ones field has been contaminated. That definitely won’t hold in a court of law. That is one of the most diabolically clever way one has found to take over other people’s business, using Mother Nature against her will as an accessory to crime while seeking to destroy her at the same time. You cannot possibly tell me that Monsanto didn’t foresee that plants would reproduce? This outrageous practice is what I am protesting against.

This directive violates your rights, not just those of others. No one should be prevented from choosing a method of medication, be it natural or artificial. This directive will make obtaining a patent and a vendor’s licence so financially impossible that it will considerably reduce the choice of plant-based medicines and products to the consumers. What right does one have to patent and own nature? Doesn’t she belong to us all?

And since sale and distribution of medicinal plants will outrageously be filtered and scrutinised, how is it that factory farming (with the consequent creation of super resistant bacteria) and cultivating GMO’s are allowed without approved scientific proof of efficiency or safety for at least a decade, whereas the attention goes to banning natural herbal supplements and medications if their efficiency and use for the past 30 years hasn’t been scientifically proven?!!!!

I will be really relieved and satisfied with the justice system if this contradiction could be reasonably justified and explained and if the issue was anything other than profit at the expense of our planet and its inhabitants.

Thank you for sparing a little time to take my concerns into account for I feel they are quite representative of  every entity that is populating the Earth and who does not wish to see the day when the need to request permission from a private company in order to breathe, eat and live will become compulsory.


If it is all the same to you, I am sure you won’t mind helping those who care by signings the petitions below:

Website: Alliance for Natural Health Europe

Article: Open Seeds: Biopiracy and the Patenting of Life by grtv

Expt: “As the world begins to digest the implications of intellectual property for online censorship, another IP issue threatens an even more fundamental part of our daily lives: our food supply. Backed by legal precedent and armed with seemingly inexhaustible lobbying funds, a handful of multinationals are attempting to use patents on life itself to monopolize the biosphere.” read more




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