by JackieBN

According to the scientific body, human beings are naturally omnivore; they can eat pretty much anything that is. So, up until not so long ago, around the time of the industrial revolution, of the very first corporations and of resources mass exploitation for importation and exportation in the 18th century, our diet was dependant on our environment and tradition. Whatever we could grow and breed where we lived was going down the pipe. End of story. Inuit for example, eat mostly fish because meat and vegetation is rarer where they live up north in Iceland. They don’t have much choice really. Chinese, on the other hand, eat all sorts of fried insects on skewer for instance, because there were a time when this was all that was available for them to eat as a source of protein. Indian won’t eat beef because cows are sacred to them. Some Tibetan monks will only feed from plants because that’s the way they find to transcend to higher levels of being while they believe meat would keep them down to this material realm of ours called third dimension. Never mind what people eat, the point is that before the world became a giant market place, people used to eat what they ate because it was available,  thus became cultural and, most importantly, they could ingest it and survive from it.

Luckily, in this day and age, we are able to choose what we ingest. Well, to a certain extent as we are less and less growing or breeding our own food, thus not really knowing what is going down in our stomach! In modern western societies we are spoiled with choices of diets. Since the beginning of the industrial era, producing and supplying food has become a very lucrative business. Corporations are eagerly competing over food supply monopoly. But this is another subject that will be  focused on in a different post on this site. So, if one chooses a particular diet, it had better be an informed and educated decision, or out of health issues rather than the result of fashion influence or gullibility. Don’t go and foolishly become a vegetarian because you saw on TV that it was going to make your butt look gorgeous, as all you are likely to get is rotten teeth and nutrients deficiency!

Everything that’s edible is good and bad. It’s all about proportion and moderation: too much of anything will kill you, and that goes for water too! So if you are going to be a vegetarian, best you do your homework and make sure that what you give up in meat or animals’ by-products such as milk, you’ll find the alternative somewhere else in order to stay perfectly healthy. That’s all there is to it, you just need to be smart about it.

I chose to exclude as much as possible meat from my diet. Not because I don’t like it, on the contrary, since I grew up eating meat, I know that it tastes good, let’s face it! My decision is purely conscientious (can I say that?). I realised that the many things that are going on in this world which I don’t agree with at all, are happening because of my behaviour as a human being and as part of society. I also understood how the demand/supply and mass manufacturing/over-producing of goods were inter-connected and the causes and consequences of one another. Thus the only way for me to break this vicious cycle was to cut it from the “end” I was responsible for: As a consumer, I am the demander. Therefore, I shall stop demanding! Finally, I concluded that if I wanted to see some changes in my world, I had to start with myself and change my state of mind, my behaviour and attitude towards the sanctity of life, be it, animal, vegetal or mineral.

So here are the reasons why I chose not to eat meat:

1- Unlike my grandma, I am not the one killing the animal to fulfil my need and I feel if people were to kill them themselves, there would be a lot less meat eaters around or at least carnivore people would be eating much less and respect animal life a little more.

2-Animals are being horrendously inseminated to force reproduction, mistreated, hormone fed and slaughtered. There is neither respect nor consideration whatsoever for the animal welfare and this is caused by the increasing demand of the uneducated masses that aren’t fully aware of how meat ends up in their plate, let alone that it comes from an animal when they buy it off a supermarket shelf!

3- I happen to live in a country where I can find the alternatives to meat. It is a choice that I made out of principles, not an imposition or religious duty. Having said that, if it becomes an absolute necessity for me to eat meat say, out of survival, I will consider. But even then, only if I am sure of the conditions in which the animal has come to end up in my plate. I’d sincerely rather starve than eat some hormone fed slaughtered stressed cow, thank you very much.

4- I kind of like the idea that vegetarians tend to be less aggressive than meat eaters. Look at the animals in nature: herbivore (elephant, giraffe, horse…) vs. carnivore (lion, crocodile, bear…). Get the idea? ;) Plus, where do you think those huge herbivore get their protein from in order to gain muscles? Well there you go!

5- I recently learnt that even organic farming wasn’t always respectful of animal welfare (cows would still get literally raped in order to be inseminated or stressed in order to be milked by machines), regardless of the fact that they are indeed running free in the little prairie! And that upsets me very much :(

But then again, that’s just me. I support the vegetarian diets but practicing the “Live and let live” as much as is humanly possible, I won’t stop anyone to be a carnivore nor force them into being a herbivore for I wouldn’t want to live in this kind of world where you’d have to shut up and just do as you’re told.

So go on then, take you pick, know your science and Bon Appétit.


Jean-François Brient On modern servitude

“To dream a different world has become a CRIME condemned in unison by the media and all the entities of power. When in reality the criminal is he who contributes consciously or not to the dementia of dominant social structure. There is no greater madness than that of the present system.”

Watch this video here.   


The three charts below compare Herbivore/Carnivore/Omnivore digesting system and anatomy. Some are definitely for a carnivorous diet, other against.
One of them has to be full of it… Find it!

The Comparative Anatomy of Eating”, by Milton R. Mills, M.D.

A [pro-herbivore] comparative chart of our digestive functions against carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

Exposing dietary misinformation by Barry Groves,PhD.

A [pro-carnivore] comparative chart of our digestive functions against carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

An other [pro-herbivore] digestive function and organ comparison chart (source unknown)


To be continued…



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