by Jackie Bn

From what I gathered, there isn’t one NWO. There are as may world orders as there are status quo. The passage from the old one to the current one to the new one are just changes in status quo, however subtle or drastic the changes are. In the old world order, the Church was the authority. In the current one, the State is the authority. In the new one, one private Corporation (world bank) will be the authority.

The one on everyone’s lips lately is a world where a global totalitarian governance will be IMPOSED on us all. The one I will assume everyone aspires to is a world where we are free to choose whether we want to be governed or not, how and by whom. It is entirely up to us which one of these NWO will prevail.

The matter is usually settled by the entity in a position of power. At the moment, the power lies with those suffering from the master of the universe syndrome. Which is why we, the awaking ones, are working on waking the rest of us and spreading the knowledge so the power can shift to our side and thus bring forth OUR New World Order, our new status quo, that of the people, the awaken mass, not the tyranny.

For knowledge is power. Once everybody knows about this big scam we will be able to stop it because we will KNOW that it can be stopped (as opposed to now most feel powerless as they buy into the illusion that it is unstoppable simply because they don’t bother understanding what it is they are dealing with, if that makes any sense :S)

So no, we are not quite fucked up yet. Defeatism will kill us before their NWO does!

UNDERSTAND the world and the system you are part of. GET CURE-YOU-S!

Links to help you understand or at least get you started in your quest for truth and understanding:

Why Truth Seekers Find It Hard To Speak About Their Research To Others. (09:34 YouTube video).

I totally relate to that one. Frustration has become my best friend in the world lately! Love the thirst analogy. I may want to apply that in the future.

Message from the architect (10:45 YouTube video)

Listen to the voice… It’s trying to tell you something!

We are the NWO. (08:21 YouTube video).

Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen Kilde about Life, vaccination, microchip, FEAR, energy… (08:33 YouTube video part 1/13)

The videos that inspired me this entry :)

New World Rebels – ‘Through The Eyes Of A Slave… (10:00 YouTube video).

Mark these words: It is about standing for something worth dying for.
Is keeping you job that sucks worth dying for?
Is paying your bills and debt worth dying for?
Is indulging yourselves with junk and fashion at the expense of enslaved children worth …dying for?
Is ingesting intoxicating substances to feel momentarily good worth dying for?
Is your play station and tv set really that worth dying for?
Is hate and division really worth dying for?
Is you freedom of thought, speech and movement worth dying for?
Is your health and well-being worth dying for?
Is your clean air and fresh water that essentially sustain you worth dying for?
Is love and unity worth dying for?

NON COMPLIANCE is simple. Don’t participate in the system that wants you dead or dependant on it. Understand what you are part of then you will know how to un-part yourself from it.

Awareness is the key and it is not too late.

Fight The New World Order with Global Non Compliance (27:06 google video)

You have so many opportunities to understand the world you’re living in and understanding yourself. Why not pause the tv for 30 short minute and seize them. If you feel concerned, watch those videos. Unlike Vaccines, they won’t do any damage, on the contrary…

The New World Order as projected back in 1942. (web article)

The New World Order map as projected back in 1942, before the war even ended. It is no longer a surprise that outcomes of wars are already known before they even start! Anyway, check out the map and see what has been fulfilled so far.

Interestingly, the policy back then was suggesting a one social democratic world government. Section 39 refers to the promotion of political freedom and nationalisation of every single institution, be it financial, educational, agricultural or environmental and an interest rate on loans at 2% max worldwide! Looks to me that we’re heading toward a fascist world government with total privatisation and 20% on interests more than anything else. Wondering what/who caused this policy to change so drastically if it was what they were planning on sticking to in the first instance… (Jane Burgermeister’s website)

Jane Burgermeister is the medical journalist who filed criminal charges against Baxter International for attempted crime against humanity. On her site is found articles, documents, reports and updates regarding the investigation, the legal actions taken worldwide to stop implementing mandatory vaccination and more.

Swine flu vaccine WORLD implementation by the World Health Organisation is the last stepping stone before the totalitarian New World Orders come into full application.

  • Baxter is under investigation for contaminating its jabs with the virus (72kg spread all over Europe for crying out loud!)
  • Baxter is WHO adviser recommending its own vaccines (the only manufacturer of it thank you very much, along with brothers Novartis and Avir);
  • Baxter has immunity from any prosecutions! HOW CONVENIENT.
  • WHO is still pressing forward with the vaccine implementation while investigated! Surely this should be put on hold, no?

Am I the only one seeing conflict of interest here? But that’s not even the problem here: GET THE CONTAMINATED JAB OR GO TO JAIL, WTH??? What does it take for the sleepers to awake to that???? This is as big as an elephant. Is there still any doubt in your mind?
When is the next big protest organised in every major city? Bloody hell, if I could, I’d multiply into hundreds of thousands for the impact’s sake!!! (Whole Truth Coalition UK website)

“The Whole Truth Coalition is an umbrella organisation linking together groups and individuals of which the collective aim is to inform, coordinate and activate people to take intelligent action, legally and peacefully, against the corrupt, criminal elite whose crimes and treason have detrimentally affected the people of the United Kingdom….”



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