by JackieBN

Personal message to the ethers…

Dear Police Officers of the world,

Dear Soldiers of the world,

You are someone’s son, father, brother and friend. As such, I am imploring you to consider your position as an employee of any governmental task force before you go on doing something you will realise was totally unjustified when the truth officially and finally comes out.

If everything goes as planned by the masterminds behind this global conspiracy of world depopulation, you will be required to carry out an exceptional task. As people will refuse to submit to their death by injection, you will be granted all means and the use of force to bring these people, we, to the slaughter house, referred to as vaccination centre.

Now, just like with any company we work for and whose policies we have agreed to comply with by signing a contract, if we realise that we are no longer in agreement with these policies, we resign and seek employment elsewhere (or not). Right? I believe so.

If you are to ever carry out this emergent task you will have been assigned, namely using the force on those of us who will refuse to meet their end by imposed poisoning, then you will demonstrate your agreement with your company policy. You will equally show your agreement with condemning every single member of your family, circle of friends and friends’ family because of your silent obedience to an authority whose motives you will obviously have not cared to educate yourself about or because you will be dreading the thought of losing all these privileges that come with the agreement between you and your employer or because you will wrongly fear the consequences of your standing up for what you feel is right, if you do feel it is right, that is.

But it does not have to come to that. As far as the universe is concerned, one thing that can never be taken away from any living entity is FREE WILL. The lack of use of it is what brought the humanity to where it is at today: at the doorstep of a Fourth Reich and an Nth genocide. No one saw the previous ones coming. Today, thanks to technology we are being warned about the coming danger, and we are even seeing it coming to shape before our very eyes. Yet, we stand here with no sense of power whatsoever. But we do have this power. The power of Oneness. If we unite, like we always end up doing in the face of adversity, we become a power. A power to say NO to and do NO against the malign and belligerent elite: the authority, whose boss by the way should be rightfully us, the people as per democracy but we seem to have lost that too.

You, police officers, will be standing between the criminal authority and the innocent people, between the authority and your family, between the authority and your friends whose only crime will be to refuse to be shot dead by a corporate pharmaceutical that is under investigation and charged for attempted crime against humanity!! You realise here that criminality is a matter of perspective; depending on which side of the line you choose to stand. The choice will eventually be yours to carry out the task you will have been assigned to perform. You are the authority’s arm. Without you it is powerless thus it cannot implement its evil plans. Unless you truly believe that you will be acting for the good of mankind (which is why I am urging you to educate yourself about a matter that will actively affect you emotionally, socially and professionally) YOU DO NOT HAVE TO proceed with your assignment.

We all have bills to pay and children to take care of. Is the job really worth sacrificing the freedom and welfare of future generation to come? We have traded our freedom and responsibility for security, comfort and indulgences. Well now the time has come for us to regain control of our mind, body and soul and our sovereignty as a people. I understand that the western people have been raised with a materialistic but also a God and death fearing mentality. This is not making the matter any easier as we then tend to favour wrong life to right death. Yet, if ever given the choice, you’d rather submit to a life of suffering rather than die fighting for your freedom and that of your children (peacefully or violently if come to that) then you totally deserve what is coming to you next: a life in full servitude, drugged up with GM junk, medicine and TV in a dumpster for planet.

After all, you are PEACE KEEPERS. Why don’t you stick to what you ought to do? I believe if you keep it peaceful, order will naturally follow. Drop the uniform, ditch the weapons, if not for you, do it for your children’s sake.

Yours faithfully,

A deeply concerned citizen of the Earth.


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