WARNING: You may not take what follows for granted. Feel free to question and find out where all that came from…

by Jackie Bn

Below is compiled some of the information I gathered concerning an increasingly talked about global conspiracy. Through this blog and with these links, I would like to introduce the elite’s New World Order concept to those of you who are new to it. I will refer to them as “they”, “the élite” or “TPTB” which stands for “the powers that be” and by that I won’t mean the governments.

There is a self-governed entity, probably encompassing many secret brotherhoods such as Freemasonry and all its international branches, whose members (aristocrats, high-ranking politicians, royal dynasties also referred to as the black nobility) are known to none but a few. The closest we could get to getting to know them is by having a closer look at the world political, financial and religious arena, more specifically the world think tanks and organisations such as the Bilderberg Group and other CFR, TC, AIPAC (not a think tank but definitely aiming at world domination via the US), Round Table, club of Rome, C300, etc. The biggest one being the United Nation Organisation (aka UN) and its brother NATO (more about these organisations further down) through which these secret groups operate with all impunity for they are all self-appointed, as opposed to elected by any governments people.

These groups of unaccountable people are literally playing gods with our planet and conspiring to taking it over and establishing a one nation world of governing masters and governed slaves (I know how hard to fathom it is but bear with me here!). This plan has already been put in action by the greatest megalomaniacs and conquerors of this world in recorded history. You newbies will be thrilled to find out that these historical characters such as Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great or Charlemagne happened to be blood related and took all the dispositions to keep the mission going through the ages. This brings us to today. The most affecting of these secretive groups have been identified by researchers and investigators as the  “Illuminati”. The term means “the enlightened”  or “shining ones” and has wrongly been chosen to label this group of people who actually call themselves “the Brotherhood of Shadows”  or “Priesthood of Amen” and whose sole purpose is to control the planet along with its inhabitants and resources. This elite group consists of 13 powerful families or bloodlines controlling and manipulating the world’s events from behind the scenes. The Illuminati “Priesthood of Amen” is being often confused with the  Bavarian Illuminati, originating from Germany and created by a Jesuit educated professor, Adam Weishaupt back in 1776. Considering the way conspiring societies work, this one may just be a recently created branch of an ancestral network for a particular assignment (say, financial and geopolitical assignment). The original Bavarian Illuminati’s idea of freeing the world from all oppressing authorities (the church) and bringing the people to a higher state of enlightenment, understanding and equality through study, did sound good at the time of its creation. But, as Weishaupt puts it, “the end justify the means”(Jesuit motto) and he may have gone a little drastic on seeing his plan through though it could be that this secret group may well have been infiltrated or progressively taken over by some not-so-well-meaning families (13 bloodlines) that have been operating for millennia, with similar ideas of world government but more selfish and darker purposes (enslavement). Who knows? So, because it is still being debated whether the Bavarian Illuminati has turned into the Priesthood of Amen by infiltration or not, we shall consider so far that the “Power that be” that’s being referred to as the Illuminati is in fact the Priesthood of Amen or the Brotherhood of shadows and the 13 bloodlines, rather than A. Weishaoupt’s Bavarian Illuminati.

Now, having said that, only one of two events can result from this global conspiracy, if one there really is (and I am now quiet convinced of that): success or failure.

  1. In order to bring this world down to a master/slave relationship, the wannabe masters need to strip every human being off its properties be them material, spiritual or intellectual and turn it into a mindless malleable sheep. That means they must have total control of lands and assets, education and religion worldwide. This particular group we are talking about here has not got any particular geographical siege and its main purpose is to infiltrate all governmental, religious and covert establishments and take over their control. But I will venture a guess and designate the UN as the elite’s office whose members are constantly working ‘in the field’. This then begs the question: who runs the UN?  Speculations go for the Illuminati, the Pope, the Jesuits or even the Aliens!
  2. In order to bring this world to an equal relationship, the wannabe equal needs to do what Mr. Weishaupt originally aimed to do: raise human awareness, promote education, encourage co-operation and eliminate repression worldwide.

There are a few people risking their very lives trying to do just that for our freedom and salvation. Unfortunately, we are currently at a stage where Dr Evil is leading the game 1-0. Therefore, anyone who is as much as trying to expose the conspiracy is at best ignored, oppressed, imprisoned, drugged to total lethargy in mental institutions or at worst tortured and/or executed. So I believe we all owe it to them to at least try to understand what is going on outside our comfort zone and see what we can do and not do about it. If we cannot be bothered fixing today’s problems then we totally deserve what’s coming tomorrow. I am really curious to know what excuse we are going to give to the future generations when they ask why we didn’t do anything about the situation that took them where they’ll be at when the opportunity arose (when we still had some rights left to act upon it that is).

Up to now, my pessimistic ego is telling me that the élite plan is just about to succeed, the big year on everyone’s lips being 2012 which coincides with the Mayan transition to a new age (that’s change on a spiritual level) according to their calendar but also to a peak in solar activity according to science (that’s change on a physical and magnetic-pole shift?- level), to a planet alignment with the centre of our Galaxy (that’s change on a psychological, spiritual and physical level) according to ancient texts and science and finally to a big election in the US (that’s change on a political level, marking the end of Obama’s term). Let us remember that most secret societies are initiating into the hidden knowledge, the occult and esoteric science which includes manipulating energy and matter. Now if Dr Evil here happens to be a master in witchcraft, no doubts he will know how exploit all sources of energy and utilise them at will to bring his agenda to completion. Considering the upcoming events during the year of 2012, I think there is something for everyone to worry about. That won’t be the end of the world but a definite change will occur then. I’m expecting the worst yet still hoping for the best. Since we’re not there yet, we can still deal with and change the now for now so the then doesn’t become the worst everyone is expecting, if that make any sense.

As for solution, we could go out there demonstrate, wear the t-shirt and scream for change but that’ll just get us oppressed or killed with the illusion that we actually did something about it. But will we have? As history has shown, fighting the system just means we’re still caught in it. Those in powers will still be here doing their things after they silenced us! Now it is one thing to say ‘change’ and an other to DO ‘change’ which is within everybody’s capability. But doing ‘change’ requires sacrifices and serious pettiness ditching (throwing the tube away would be a good start). This individual willingness is what’s going to make things change collectively. But being lazy and weak by nature, are we willing to take responsibility for our daily actions or are we just patiently waiting for a saviour to do a 6 billion men job for us while we sit back, relax and watch America’s next top models? If you don’t like the system you’re part of, don’t part-icipate! And to do that you need to find out and understand what it is you’re part of and how to intelligently un-part yourself from it. Take responsibilities and stop blaming the world for your misfortune for you are personally responsible for the world’s misfortune. The world doesn’t make us what we are; we make the world what it is. If you find that your world sucks around you it’s because you are making it that way. So change YOU and that will change it!

Our selfishness and ignorance is primary responsible for the success of this elite’s agenda. They are reaching out for our greatest weaknesses (egoism, laziness, gullibility, hatred, vanity and greed) to get what they want: silent obedience. They keep us busy and dumb so we have neither the time nor the brain to question what they’re up to. Having infiltrated the system,

  • they mis-educate us at school to become batteries rather than thinkers; they incorporate all businesses and turn us into literal slaves; they use propaganda via all sorts of media to keep us hooked on the tube, the net or the Ipod;
  • They control and regulate the population trough drugs (medicine, vaccination, GM and chemically processed food, alcohol, nicotine).
  • They control the world economy and through advertising, push us to consume the planet to death to then introduce restricting laws to supposedly make her better by not allowing us to grow anything on it, let alone walk and breathe on it.
  • They control the governments and instigate wars to keep governments borrowing their money for defense thus keeping the country in debt pushing it to give away all its assets and enslave its people as a repayment. To keep the wars running they create threats or enemies on regular basis which then enables them to introduce even more restrictive laws for our own security.

Having appropriated the country’s land, they sell it back to us people or impose rent on the properties giving us a reason for working (pay the bills). Also by pushing us to consumption of unnecessary things and entertainment, they also give us an excuse to work some more and make sure we grow up with the according values that possessing is gaining respect and social significance, appearance is what’s important, competition is the key to success and what not… By realising that we are being sold a lie, we then have a choice and the will to buy it or not to buy it. Which is it going to be?

Michael TSARION video: Architects of control (2:40:36) (link to Youtube part 1/16)

CONTROLSo when an entity strives to keep humanity in control, numbed and stupid with its politics, religions and educations, it is not showing much love towards it. But most of us accept this as a reality without any alternative and resign to it. Yet, being aware of this, we complain about it and blame adversity for it. WHY?? Either this entity is doing a very good job so far or we are too scared to look in the mirror and realise that we are the ones allowing this entity to reach its sinister end and the reasons why we think we are in control of our lives even though we’re nowhere near it. Some of you might find the content somehow questionable, which I think is a good thing (to question!) but what matters here is the messages the author is giving, my favourite one being that if you’re worried about tomorrow you ought to do something about it today! There is good and evil within every one of us and they are sources of energy. How we utilise these energies and which of these we use to fuel our actions and thoughts today is what’s making tomorrow. Love is knowing, understanding and caring. Hate is ignorance, intolerance and destruction. “…man is the source of all coming evil” – Carl Gustav Jung. Well, that pretty much sums up the video here. This is one of the most interesting and lucidly commented videos I ever saw so far in that subject.

Dr Les DOVE’s The torture Report

It is horrendously long (well, it’s a report) but well worth the time going through it. It explores and lists the means under all forms governments have found to keep the mass in control and oblivious to any kind of atrocity occurring around it. That includes the use of media, entertaining industry, self-induced drugs, medicine and so on…  This report is recommended to those who still care about living in a democracy (there isn’t much left of it) and think there is more to it than just a life of pathetic routine filled with illusions or manufactured realities. Check out the amazing links directory at the end of the report mostly about psychological torture, mind control and governmental experiments on unaware patients.

Link to the original (not updated) report here


Who infiltrated America?  1/2 (27:15 google video)

Who infiltrated America?  2/2 (38:31 googe video)

Who Controls The World? Illuminati, Jesuits, Bilderberg, Church, Skull, Religion (43:10 google video)

Like I mentioned in previous posts, understanding the American affairs is understanding the affairs of the world. Basically the subject of the video’s revelations, America, can be replaced by any other country with at least Christianity as an official faith.

  • From this first video’s perspective, it seems the governments of the USofA from its early stages has been infiltrated and taken over by the Jesuit order (black pope), the mastermind within the papacy. We are then to conclude that the catholic popes and the US presidents are mere puppets and whoever tries to step out of the line by acting for the benefit of the people and not the order or blow the whistle on this black governance, will simply be eliminated out of the game (references being made to the JKF, ex Jesuit Dr Rivera assassinations and some of the previous popes among others).

Also note the connections between the Jesuit order, freemasonry and political organisations. Where it gets confusing to me is that since they are separate groups with the members of one showing signs of belonging to the other sworn enemy, I can’t tell whether Jesuits infiltrated Freemasons or the other way around. High politicians show signs of belonging to either orders and it is hard to tell whether they were recruited by them or the were members to begin with who then went into politics?? It seems that these organisations are smaller groups within a much bigger ones, all inter-connected for a common purpose…

At the end of the first video, there are selected passages from the book of Revelations which seems to suggest that the end of the world is coming (with a detailed account of how it will end!) and every one of us will be judged. Well, I’d rather side the prosecution team here as it makes more sense to me that way and agree that this book is more of an account of past events for us to learn from rather than prophecies for us to prepare for (the previous civilisation, intelligent with technology, went into some kind of world war of nuclear degree and brought the world to annihilation. Whoever survived had to start over from scrap (that would be us) which would explain the magnificent ruins scattered all over the earth dated 10000 years and more that science to date can still not explain how they were built).

Since as much as considering these ideas would 1) imply a serious flaw in the Darwinist logic about man’s evolution as well as in the papacy’s infallibility (for the Church interprets the Bible and, by canon law, cannot err as she speaks the true words of the lord, blablablah…) and 2) seriously damage the current status quo’s credibility, we are not likely to see the day when the truth comes out and set us free but instead we’re doomed to repeat history we seem never to be able to learn from!

  • The second video focuses on the crimes perpetuated by the Jesuit order throughout history, including current events. The French revolution (1789) marked the official separation of the Church and the States. So the Church has since operated covertly to insure its dominion over the freed nations of the world. Since it has been documented that the papacy has infiltrated the political arena controlling governments and been openly involved in political affairs, it is fair to conclude that whatever war is being conducted by a catholic nation and waged in the name of peace is actually a war in the name of the Church or God as it would put it (hence the mid-east, central Europe and south asian wars).

Also shown, an endless succession of quotes from American presidents and officials, warning the people about a shadow government taking over the nation’s politics and economy. Conveniently many of them have been shot in public by “lunatics” shortly after their compromising speeches or attempts to counter those projects of world domination.

It then moves on to the Bilderberg group, whose members are at the head of mass media, military, pharmaceutical, technology, security corporations; and others at the head of our governments (ministers, prime ministers, presidents) and many self-governed organisations such as Council on Foreign Relation, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Round Table, Trilateral Commission and more. They are meeting every year to decide the future of the world’s economy and politic in the course of 2 days discussion or so! Shocking. The Author and journalist David Icke has a pretty good grasp of the interconnections occurring within the political world and goes through the Biderberg group in details in one of his books I believe the “Robot’s rebellion” or “The biggest secret”. Check out his website here. Then follows the black nobility and secret societies all of them working as a whole toward a unique goal: universal and temporal control of the lands and humanity.

  • The third video introduces us to real, behind-the-scene governance of the world and how the one world government is slowly being implemented by its protagonists using specific techniques (totalitarian tip-toe, Problem-Reaction-Solution) on the political and economical level. Pay particular attention to the secret oath of the Jesuit order (the Church militia) and compare it with the current world events. It kind of makes you wonder whether the Church is lying to her followers about the identity of Jesus/God or she’s worshipping a different deity behind the followers back… Mentions are also made about the opposition and how it is being eliminated.

AIPAC (51:54 veoh video)

the Israel Lobby (51:13 google video)

David Icke: the Lizards and the Jews (48:54 google video)

The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy (1:37:39 MIT World video)

The Iarael Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy (1:44:17 FORA tv)

Documentaries about the Israel lobby using their leverage to control the US foreign policies, thus the world, their monopoly over the world’s mainstream media market and most influencing corporations. Icke’s vidoe is more about how David deals with the anti-semite allegations he’s facing with the ADL rather than about the Isreal lobby. Just out of interest. David introduces his documentary by reminiscing its early days where he was being ridiculed and laughed at (still is, yet his credits have gone up a few points since) and then moves on with his theories about who is really controlling the world and the ongoing debate about whether “Lizards” is his code for “Jews”, which is what the Anti Defamation League is suspecting him of suggesting, or he really means “Lizards”. I say, read his book and draw your own conclusions.

I don’t think the Lizards theory is an issue here but a way “anti-Icke-ist” have found to deflect from the real matters by focusing on a subject they are sure no one will take seriously and thus discredit his entire work about a global conspiracy. Or at least the overwhelming majority won’t. What matters is that we understand that we, the people are being sold a lie and we are buying it thanks to our gullibility. Our beliefs haven’t been established as a result of research, assessment and understanding. They have been imposed on us by means of conditioning, propaganda and indoctrination through public schools, media and the Church. And as far as I can recall my school years, no one has ever encouraged me to question facts and authority. We assume the authorities are telling us the truth about everything we ought to know. Either we’re too trustful or to lazy to verify so we accept it as good obedient citizens. What happens if the authorities are corrupted and serving the interests of entities remote to us? Wouldn’t they be making sure we are kept in the dark by assuring us via the media that nothing is going on in the world, we can go back to sleep? Wouldn’t they make sure our attention is diverted by means of entertainment and local crisis (crime, debts). Wouldn’t they make sure they are in control of all existing bodies of information and communication, governmental and private? I have discovered that they are doing a very good job so far and the www is also in the process of becoming entirely controlled. But we still have time and I suggest we make the most of it before it’s too late. I believe at this stage, there have been enough whistle blowers to get our attention. I mean, if the world was doing so fine, why would these people go to so much trouble as to risking their life, reputation and credibility to tell us that we should go and look into these matters? Wouldn’t they have nicer thing to do such enjoying their time with friend and family? It seems they chose the interests of the world before theirs, how selfless. And this is how we’re thanking them, by laughing at them. Beside, the fact that these alarm-triggers tend to disappear one after the other should be another hint that some forces do not wish them to be heard by the general public.

The 2012 NWO Agenda (link to part 1/11 dated 04 2008): This 11 parts video gives us a chronology of the Freemasons movement as well as that of the Illuminati, the United Nation and NATO and the unfolding of their agenda through to 2012. The link to the next part is given in each part’s information tab, top right corner of the video page.

The 9/11 Occult New World Order – Shift from Ridiculization to Realization (11:00 youtube video dated 12 2008): This video retraces the latest post 9-11-01 events linking the political and economical with the mathematical, the occult, the astral and comes to this conclusion: “The Illuminati banking society use our present window dresser puppets.. Gordon Brown & Barack Obama.. to drive YOU to THEIR New World Order (NWO). A true Mathematical-Occult Scientific Dictatorship”. In there you will find the mentions from political leaders of a NWO and how it is in our best interest to embrace it. Coming from people who promote war and torture in the name of peace, democracy and freedom, somehow, I doubt it.

Just a coincidence – Illuminati exposed 1

Just a coincidence – Illuminati exposed 2

Just a coincidence – Illuminati exposed 3

Just a coincidence – Illuminati exposed 4

Just a coincidence – Illuminati exposed 5

These short videos show how Hollywood movies are filled with esoteric messages and hints that are easily missed when you are unaware of the existence of secret societies such as the Illuminati and Freemasonry. Once you learn about these, you’ll never watch a movie the same way again! The aim here I believe is to show that the media industry and movie business is controlled by the corporate elite which has many initiates among its members.

Connecting the dots – The political occult ruling elite: This video (07:26 youtube video) geographically connects the series of events that have occurred since 09-11-01 on the American soils to demonstrate that it’s all been carefully planned following occult and esoteric rites and procedure. Considering that the highest initiates of these cults are familiar with ancient knowledge and the manipulation of earth, sun energy and human psyche, it does make some kind of sense.

Connecting the dots – The political occult ruling élite: This video (07:26 YouTube video) geographically connects the series of events that have occurred since 09-11-01 on the American soils to demonstrate that it’s all been carefully planned following occult and esoteric rites and procedure. Considering that the highest initiates of these cults are familiar with ancient knowledge,  manipulating earth, sun energy and human psyche, it does make some kind of sense.

United Nations/NWO plan to Depopulate the Earth. (36:06 google video dated 2007)

According to the authors of this video, “plans are underway now, implemented by the New World Order Elite, to depopulate the planet’s 6-7 billion people to a manageable level of between 500 million and 1 billion. They will tag or chip(RFID)YOU (Just like Hitler did.) They will lead you to the slaughter just like sheep. You have been targeted for Extermination. HERE’S THE PROOF”.

I don’t doubt for a second that the ruling élite is capable of committing such acts (after all, they are known to wilfully pollute the Earth and finance genocide around the world, so what’s 5 billion more, hey?) but I think they’d be more subtle and covert about it, tradition wants it that way. But then again, the politicians aren’t even denying this NWO concept and show their active support into bringing it to completion for…wait for it….2012! It has been coming out of both Bush’s speeches, the last two British prime ministers, B&B even the French current president Sarkozi. And that’s just to name a few. So if they are actually aiming at 80% reduction of the population in a short period of time, all they’d need is some kind of plague, say…swine flu virus? That would be very convenient indeed.


A Bavarian Illuminati primer ( by Trevor W. McKeon): Origin and purpose of the Bavarian Illuminati and background of its creator (A. Weishaupt) that explains the motives for creating the movement.

The 13 blood lines of the Illuminati: List of which families siege at the top of the pyramid and how far back in the blood line they can be traced.”Years of extensive research and investigation have gone into this massively documented work. In this 624 page, large format book, Fritz Springmeier discloses mind-boggling facts and never before revealed truths about the top Illuminati dynasties. You’ll learn of the secretive, Chinese Li family, which operates with impunity in the U.S.A. and around the world. Along the way you’ll find out why President John F. Kennedy and actress Grace Kelly were killed; who created the United Nations; who controls the two major U.S. political parties; how the Rothschild’s invented and control modern-day Israel; who secretly founded false religions such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses; and much, much more. A literal encyclopedia of rare, unbelievable information!” From  Biblioteca Pleyades.

Vatican and Jesuits: Comprehensive curriculum vitae of the Society of Jesus, facts, references, links, photos and documents compiled by the wiki company website, showing on many occasions its ties with or control of world organisations such as United Nation and NATO.The extreme oath of the Jesuits: To understand better the tenacity of its members in bringing the one world order plan to completion, it is necessary to know and understand the mentality of the people behind it. This article describes the induction, oath and pledge of total allegiance to God (the order) no matter what, of a Jesuit initiate.Breaking the silence – Bilderberg exposed (by Daniel Estulin for Nexus Magazine)This Red ice Creation website article (dated 2005) exposes the Bilderberg group and its secret annual meetings between the rulers of this world discussing the world economy without accountability to its people.From the same author: The True Story Of The Bilderberg Group

The brief descriptions of the major Elite organizations, the Bilderberg (BB), Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and Trilateral Commission (TC) by Robert Gaylon Ross, SrThis Biblioteca Pleyades website article give a general description of the global elite and introduction to its members as well as their connection with other conspirator organisations.Manipulation of consciousness. How are present democracies different from former monarchies?: Quick word about democracies as they presently are and how they ought to be.Shadow Government – An Introduction to the “Little Sister” of The Royal Institute of International Affairs: The U.S. Council on Foreign Relations (By Eric Samuelson, J.D.): RIIA/CFR or the British/US connections and how they have covertly been affecting and influencing the world events in the past 2 centuries on political and economical level. Scary…

Swine Flu – International Pharmaceuticals criminally charged (report dated June 2009) BUSTED: Population control via bio-terrorism by corporate élite owned pharmaceutical companies exposed. Conspiracy at its best!!!

Submitted on: Wednesday 8th April 2009
Vienna State Prosecutor’s Office, Landesgerichtstrasse 11, 1080 Vienna.

My personal journey into lawful rebellion. (by Justin of the Walker family): This Justin is of a British wealthy influencing family and recounts his awakening and breaking out of the bubble by progressively realising that UN related world health and environmental organisations and charities are intended to reduce and control the population contrary to what they’d have the world believe. Mentions are made about cancer research institutes and charities scams, about why natural and alternative medicine is outlawed and more. He also brings back the 9-11-01 events mentioning something about a hurricane and “free energy” technology… Now, after a reasonable amount of readings about secret societies and conspiracies, I have understood that secret groups tend to discredit their own work in order for the public to “drop” the subject and move on with their lives. According to Justin, the controversial version that the WTC towers were dynamited down is another attempt to appease the conspiracy theorists’ scepticism and keep them away from looking into what may really have occurred that day. This brings us to the free energy theory (a link is provided to better understand the effects of this technology in relation to the 911 events). This would indeed be an amazing display of self-discrediting from the perpetrators, a conspiracy within the conspiracy. How exciting! Yet again, if with (a priori) flawless logic you can come to the conclusion that a tower has been brought down by explosives and then discover that it was not the case or partially not the case, how on earth are we ever to know the truth about anything? I suppose we ought to be grateful we are able to get close enough to it.  Also covered subjects: global warming scam, the European Union and Orwellian superstate, British Common Purpose charity’s real purpose, swine flu and killing for profit, GM food, legal rebellion, birth right and common/statute laws or how to lawfully not participate in the system.

Who owns you – Factoids that will blow your mind: 40 searchable facts about the US and British countries ownership and the rest of the world by extension. We are just pawns in the chess game, dispensable, replaceable and just batteries to keep the master’s machine running. The value we give to materials, lands and properties is worth more than the value of our own selves!!

Media Map of Major Media Ownership and Governance: Check out there who owns what media company and the extension of their control or influence by board association outside the media industry. Note the R. Murdoch / Rothschild connection for the News Corp. media group. As we now know, R. Murdoch (board of Rothschild Investment Trust C.P) owns a big chunk of the British media (Sun, free Londonpaper, Sunday Times, News of the world, ITV, Sky, bskyb that has a Rothschild as chairman) and The Rothschild family is now proven to be behind the creation and ownership of the US federal reserve thus controlling the money supply and having leverage on the world economy and politics! This chart alone suggests that all areas of the world’s affairs are controlled by one and the same small group of people also referred to as the corporate élite.

Who owns what – CJR’s guide to what the major media companies own: From the Columbia Journalism Review website. An other guide on media owner ship, this time more focus on media business and more detailed.

Modern slavery, child trafficking, sex slave… It’s all reported there.  Read an extract below:

“Today, slaves exist throughout the world: East and West, North and South. Conservative estimates* put the number at twenty-seven million.  That is more than twice the total numbers of slaves exported from Africa and sent to the three Americas.  But the slaves today no longer sing: all they can do is to scream in silence. These new slaves are scattered everywhere.  Some are kept in secret (USA, France and Britain), others in the full light of day (Mauritania and Pakistan).  Some are forced into slavery through debt (India);  yet others are tricked into slavery with false promises (Thailand and Brazil), all the time while the eyes of government are closed to it. I myself have encountered slaves:  in Sri Lanka (Tamils who work for wealthy Sinhalese people), Bangkok (girl-workers from NE Thailand, out on the streets plying their trade under the watchful eye of a minder), and in London (though a social work friend of mine who comes across African young people held in captivity).  All of these are typical encounters where we, the public, are not sure what to do about it!”

Not sure what to do about it??? Well I’ll tell you. Since we know that slaves are used by corporations and subsidiaries to provide those who have comfortable living (people just like myself) with indulgences such as fashion clothing, junk food, chocolate and cheap technology, we can change this by stopping being so selfish and consider the fact that our very breathing may be affecting these unfortunate people, however remote to us they are. We can change our consuming habits, stop wasting, and stop buying unnecessarily. We happen to be at the end of the consuming chain so if we stop demanding, the other end will stop supplying which will ultimately stop the trafficking of workmanship and drastically change for the better our living, socially and the state of this world. It will also help these third countries regain their sovereignty for the only reason they are being exploited is for their cheap hands and lands for the sole benefits of inconsiderate corporations who are seducing us into supporting their evil deeds.


Tony Gosling‘s website is full of links to and reports about the world’s secretive organisations such as the Bilderberg Group, a political organisation as opposed to occult organisation. But both types of organisations will be found on his site. Funnily he separated his resources in two sections: the good links (his “uplifting” webzone) and the bad links (his “malignant webzone”). This his way of telling the world that even though it looks totally FUBAR, there is still hope. The truth is out there somewhere and good people are fetching it. In there you will find information about the world politics, banking, wars and religion and how apparently opposing groups are working in concert towards a common goal: eliminating governments sovereignty.

Biblioteca Pleyades in (mostly) English and Spanish with an immense compilation of archives. Best to use their search engine within the site. Covers politics, history, ancient civilisation, religion, secret societies, philosophy, science, alien life, books, treaties and reports…

David Icke specialises in conspiracy theories including the alien manipulated genetic origin of mankind (this civilisation of ours that is) which is worth considering. Constantly updating the site with news cover, dissection and interpretation. Covers politics, economy, cover ups, science, spirituality, ancient history in relation to biblical writings… His most comprehensive book regarding the conspiracy is “The Biggest Secret”.

Red Ice Creation is an alternative news website, an online radio broadcaster and focuses on conspiracy, esoteric and spiritual information. Also conducts interviews of “cutting edge thinkers, researchers, writers, filmmakers and bloggers”. Although a site map is available, best use their site search engine if you know what you’re looking for.

Jordan Maxwell, writer, scholar, lecturer, specialises in the ancient, esoteric and occult knowledge, secret societies and their influence in the world affairs. If you type it in, in your video search engine, a myriad of them should come up, one as interesting as the other. A particular one you should look at is about the commercial laws (the occult world of commerce) where Jordan Maxwell explains the origin of the words and their true intended meaning. Something to make you feel very cheap!

Check The Evidence “…this website was created as an archive of reference material – to be used as a way, ultimately of re-evaluating answers to the questions raised above – by checking a range of evidence (one that is hopefully quite wide) and forming a new basis from which to judge the situation…” quote from their ‘about’ section. So far I have only been through the 911 events on this site which provide evidence other than and in addition of the ones already accepted by the mainstream and alternative media and thus look forward to exploring some more.

This blog entry will be completed and updated shortly…



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