by Jackie bn, August 2009.

Just needed to  rant about a few things that tend to get to me more deeply as years pass by: I try to understand why there is so much hatred in this world and where that might have come from. It looks to me that we have lost all connection between each other and that individualism has taken over humanity. When I look back in time into history books for example, I observe that before commercial banking became popular in the old world, Europe, people were living relatively happily together in communities, participating, contributing and cooperating towards common purposes while nowadays, competition and self-interest seem to be the orders of the century and communities have turns into gigantic corporate megalopolis. This separation between individuals and from earthlings has turn  this planet into a wasteland and a war zone on the verge of annihilation… Yet, although this separation can be felt all over the Earth, I can’t help but feel that there is this dark force that pushes humanity to “come together” and turn into a uniform mindless robot  which is kind of ironic considering that this same force (I feel) is disconnecting us from one another! Why so much hatred and forcing? What’s the idea here? It seems the one condition for humanity to “re-unite” as a whole is for its every member to fit into a specially tailored mould, leaving no room for individuality ( which is part of, or a fraction of  the whole, not to be confused with individualism which is like aiming at being a totally separate unit from the whole).

Oneness (unity, wholeness, togetherness, solidarity, etc…) does not call for conformity and uniformity in order to exist, but rather for connectivity and affinity between entities expressing themselves individually. Individual expression ought to be encouraged not condemned or feared as it is mostly observed nowadays in religious and political circles, in the educational system and in the familial unit.

We ought to be who we want to be, not who we are inclined to think we should be to feel accepted and loved (upon conditions) by others. These kinds of insecurities (the unconscious cravings for acceptance and approval) and denials (refusing to acknowledge and face these insecurities) are in my humble opinion, the reasons why there is so much hatred and separatism in this worlds. For separatism teaches us that in order to be socially accepted, one must become alike (conformity) and thus, hate and reject unlikeness (individuality). So when we unconsciously crave for social acceptance, we unconsciously seek conformity to please and unconsciously reject individuality as a consequence. Separation is anti-unity, anti-oneness. So although Separatism promotes likeness or conformity, it paradoxically rejects unity or togetherness as a whole in the sense that the part that is separate from another must be in itself a “unity” of uniform entities!  Unity implies that everything (regardless of possible differences) comes together as one. Conformity implies that everything must be the same or uniform. Hatred and Separatism are negative energies and thoughts. They therefore resonate, affect and manifest as such. Bin them and ban them!

If you let yourself be repressed and contained by closed minds (the minds that won’t let you express yourself in your individual way, the way you feel naturally drawn to or comfortable with), be them mothers, brothers, friends, teachers, neighbours or government, then you are not allowing yourself to exist. Now that, I believe, is everyone’s mass-ive issue. You are just being a mirror allowing people to see their own reflection thus satisfying their narcissistic ego, appeasing their own insecurities that they transfer onto you (translation: be like me so I can feel normal. If you don’t I will not like you, reject you and you will not be part of my group). Instead you should be a window to others, allowing them to see what’s on the other/in- side, your version of YOU not theirs. And by you, I mean us all.

Here’s an example of what I mean by the above: Parents have a blue philosophy of life. Naturally, this is the philosophy they will pass on to their child for this is one that they feel is right. Now, the child while growing will come to know about the green, the red and the yellow philosophies and might, just might feel more comfortable with one of these other philosophies of life. From there, two things: if the child adopts, say, the green philosophy: 1) parents will be disappointed, angry and feel betrayed or think they have failed in their duty in raising their child. Or 2) the child may feel terrible guilt in disappointing mum and dad or may just rebel against the parents (that may well explain teenager’s reputation through the ages!). Usually the matter is settled by the party in a position of power: the parents in this instance as they are responsible for their children. Consequently the child will either willingly repress its individuality, uniqueness, emotions and creativity to keep parents happy and do and live the way they wish and would make them happy or, submit to their mental, material, physical or financial blackmail of all sorts as the child would still depend on them on many levels. The child will grow with this sleeping repression and containment of individuality  inside and become a new version of mum and dad. Depending on how ‘good’ a job mum and dad did, that repressed individual inside the manufactured child  will (statistically) manifest later in life out of frustration and un-fulfillment as a psychological dis-ease evolving into a physical dis-ease, most likely cancer. Ok that’s worst case scenario, I just hope my point is made. Ideally, mum and dad, after educating their child with their blue philosophy should encourage it to choose whatever path it feels comfortable with and show their support no matter what, given that they are supposed to have transmitted the right foundations or baggage for its life in the first place. They should allow their child to be who he/she is, not who they want him/her to be. The parents in this example can be, in real life, any other person emotionally involved with the child as I mentioned in the previous paragraph. As for the philosophies, they can be replaced by anything whatsoever the child and the parents aspire to in life (activities, tastes, education, interests, vocation…). The outcome will be similar.

Oneness is nothing but a bigger picture, the sum of zillions of seemingly separate entities (or fragments of the bigger picture) experiencing as a whole yet each in their own individual ways. On a human scale, everything on this planet interacts according to its own will or purpose. On a macroscopic scale, the whole (life) is just following ONE and the same plan (I call it evolution but…), whatever it may be, that’s divine territory and I don’t think one will find out or let us know anytime soon though many theories have been suggested and brought forth to this day. Whichever theory one you choose to stick with, I believe we most agree with the fact that there is a divine/cosmic/universal plan and that everything that is, evolves according to that plan. So until the day it is all confirmed and revealed to us somehow, let’s focus on what’s going on down here for now.


Accepting, respecting, embracing and welcoming differences is a pretty good therapy to heal all these insecurities I previously mentioned, I reckon. It’s called LOVE, the real act of love, transcending the social, physical and moral boundaries, inclusive and unconditional. No one is ever going to be perfect but there is no harm in trying to reach that perfect state of Love. At worst good vibrations will emanate from you; at best your world will turn into Heaven on Earth.

We don’t have to like people, animals, trees or even cockroaches; we just have to accept that creatures living on this planet (earthlings) are what they are, they do what they do and allow them to be for they are as purposeful or purposeless as we are. By suppressing or containing any entity’s universal right to exist for no other reasons than that you can or they bother you or you’re just a control freak, you are doing it to yourself for you are part of this oneness and it translates into your own existence being in turn contained or suppressed: by feeling an emotion such as hatred or anger (let’s say because something has been taken away from you), you put it out into existence in the form of energy; someone else in your vicinity will receive the vibrations you are generating from this negative emotion (your reaction to emotion and behaviour is usually a tale tell sign of what energy you’re generating), they will experience, feel and in turn generate a negative emotion of their own as a consequence for someone else to receive, and so on (you are angry and can’t control it, thus you’re being mean to someone who in turn gets upset but can’t control it either, thus is hurting someone else…). That someone else could eventuelly be yourself unless the emotion managed to be “intercepted” and transformed into one of compassion, acceptance or understanding by someone who learnt not to let negative energy get to themselves and generate positive energy instead, love. The emotion “give and take” process works for both love and fear. It seems fear has got the best of us today, we’d rather repress than let express, hate rather than love. Hence indoctrination, fascism and wars! If you think for instance that deliberately killing a fly is of no consequences, think again. It is not the act in itself that is the problem but the thought pattern that generates it in the first place. Negative thought manifests into negative action; negative action attracts negative reaction and releases negative energy; negative energy propagates and reaches other entities that will absorb this negative energy that will in turn affect their thought patterns and so on. In other words, spreading your darkness and negativity will come back to you one way or an other. What goes around…

And as for demonstrating LOVE, lets take the cockroaches as a simple practical example to illustrate this emotion for it is not about the creature but the thought pattern when dealing with it that I would like to expose (I feel I need to bring this up since many people near me whose behaviours have outraged me lately, still have not been able to use their brain at its full potential): if you store your food properly and keep you area dry and cool, these insects won’t be bothering you. That, is one solution to your problem if these insects are annoying you and a demonstration of your capability for loving as you allow them to be. If you happen to be in an open space, there won’t be much that you could do about it. You can’t expect them to have your brain and understand the sign that says “not allowed in” unless you have their brain and don’t understand that it’s not their problem that you chose your premises to be exclusively yours and yours only! Using sprays to rid them is similar to committing a triple homicide (pesticide + geocide + suicide): you kill the insect, you kill/pollute your planet and you kill/poison you and demonstrate your capability for Hating (as opposed to Loving) as you don’t allow anyone or anything to be. That, is not a solution to your problem and a short-sighted one at that as you will suffer it in the long run the consequences of your present easy-solution decision! I hope this will illustrate my point here that the easy way is not always the right or loving way for problem solving though I am sure it would feel so right to squash those creepy little bastards at the time! Well, what it does outrank what it feels, and doing wrong just to feel good IS WRONG. Period! Love is a much healthier option, believe it or not and it has everything to do with those annoying insects! If you love the other (whatever ‘other’ may be) you will find the solution that will make both entities happy (or the least affected). And I don’t mean the selfish and conditional love that emotionally involves your family friends and pets; I mean the love for the remote stranger and ugliest creature (well, relatively for what’s ugly to you might just not be for others). The word ‘love’ has suffered so much mis-use and mis-interpretation that its true meaning is increasingly being forgotten making the love of cockroaches sound really stupid, I must admit too but love is the love of life that is to say: respect and consideration for it. If we are being selective about it, then it is not love but favoritism or egocentrism (when you consider only what’s good for you at the expense of other entities)

Let’s ponder upon this for a while shall we?

I stumbled upon this blog: THE ALTERNATE ECONOMY, and find that the author has perfectly understood the meaning of Love and explains it better that I do through his many posts and articles. I invite you to go and browse through it. You’ll find that Love (with a big L, the universal and unconditional one, is prerequisite for a society to function with harmony. Without love or not much of it, we basically get what we are experiencing at this time on Planet Earth: a lot of wars, misery and great frustration. Just Remeber what M. Gandhi once said: “You must be the change you want to see in the world”. Make it happen!



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