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Below is a 10:04min video entitled: “The reality as you know it does not exist”

It brings out some very frustrating existential questions about oneself and the true nature of all things in the universe. Whatever answer we might get will be given through the interpretation of the human mind and consciousness. Unfortunately, if our reality happens to be a big illusion of our mind and senses, and unless maybe we attended Mystery Schools, there is no way we’ll ever be able to embrace what ultimate reality is without leaving this particular realm of reality that we’re in. In other word, physical death is the awakening (I like to call it metaphysical glamour).

Here is a sum up of this clip and what I gathered from it, followed by the actual video.

A) Matter is made out of atoms, out of protons and electrons, out of even smaller particles. Looking closer and deeper into the nature of matter, we find it is made out of energy. As far as science is concerned, everything that exists in our universe is fundamentally made out of energy, one and the same energy. All is energy condensed. The vibrating rate of these particles, made out of energy, is what differentiates states of matter (solid, liquid, gas, sound, electricity etc…) in this physical world.

B) According to quantum Physicists an atom only appears in a particular place if you measure it (they call it the measuring problem). It is spread out all over the place until a conscious observer decides to look at it. In other word, an atom comes into existence if a conscious observer acknowledges it. Since we are made of atoms, if I got it right, it seems to imply that we and the material world around us exist because we acknowledge it and ourselves as conscious observers. Our brain picks up external signals, processes and interprets them then projects them out as pictures sounds or smell through our senses so we can make sense our environment. Our brain (by measuring) or we (by acknowledging), create our own reality! Without observer there would be no reality as we know it, only atoms moving around across the universe or free flowing energy.

C) Quantum Physicists also demonstrated that if, on a subatomic level, we separate two electrons of a same atom and stimulate one, the other will react the same way no matter how far apart they are. In other word, once matter is physically joined, when it is divided, the connection between the parts remains; the universal energy binds everything together, provided that everything was one in the first place.

We are all made out of the same energy, one big energetic consciousness “divided” into zillions of particles yet still evolving as one through infinite series of experiences and transformations on the particular (particle) level. Some of the particular experiences (of this universal consciousness) are manifesting as life in this physical world so long as there are conscious observers to acknowledge their existence! Did I get that right?

Or as Bill Hick puts it: “We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death. Life is only a dream and we are the imagination of our Selves.”

This rationalisation of the unfathomable is supposed to make me feel better about my non existing self? Great. I understand that in earthy term, energy is a source of power. I still can’t quite grasp the nature of it though and don’t think I ever will until I rid myself of all illusory senses and look through my third eye! What is energy made of? Since it is the source of all things and evolves into matter, I suppose its nature is of immaterial substance. So im-materialistically speaking,  is it made of relationships and interactions between intelligences, the mini-me’s of the universal mind? A bit like when my neurones interact with one another, they spark then pouf! another idea appears? Somebody had better come up with answers to my questions before I implode from too much fruitless sparkles in my head… Until then I’ll just assume energy in universal terms is the intelligence and the source of power behind, well, absolutely everything.


In this video below, Manly P Hall gives a lecture (1:10:07) entitled: “The search for the meaning of life”.

Interestingly, ancient philosophers describe the divine Mind also as one consciousness following a plan and constantly unfolding from one state to the next more complex until it reaches perfection. Planet Earth and humanity are a manifestation of the Divine mind on a physical level, made out of separate entities yet moving as a whole, as one mind. Life on Earth is a series of unfolding from one state to the next until it reaches perfection: below (life on Earth) is a projection of beyond (universe). The balance between opposing energies (positive/negative) is what directs the unfolding process. The divine Consciousness is in constant experimentation. Every entity interacts with one another. And just like in a lab, when an experiment goes wrong, collapse or explosion occurs then it starts over until it reaches the desired state. We can actually see this “process” on the personal, familial, national, civilisation or environmental level as history has shown! Through trials and errors, the divine Consciousness or the great Mind experiences, learns and grows according to the Plan which purpose we might never discover but we at least know there is one and that keeps us going and looking for answers.

Now I’m not too sure which is more frustrating: the fact that I am now aware of my holographic illusive existence that totally depends on someone else’s (hopefully)good sense of observation or that I will never be able to”see” reality as it really is  until I physically stop existing altogether (I mean until my earthy illusion ceases). I think I’ll go with the philosopher here and accept  the idea that I am one of the many forms of manifestation of the one great divine consciousness learning from experiences and evolving toward perfection. For now that is as there is this cloud of uncertainty still floating around inside my head….


Now from a defferent perspective: Holographic Universe – Michael Talbot (poor original) PT1.mpg

That one is really philosophically depressing. Yet one cannot help but find the idea of an alternate reality fascinating.. Talbot is basically arguing that our life is nothing but a big deception, an hollographic reality. What does that leave us in terms of purposes, hey???

About Michael Talbot:

His related book is called “Holographic Universe“.


Related topics: Quantum Theory

David Bohm, quantum physicist, also brought up the idea that objective (object, matter) reality does not exist. Check out his work here:   Meet Alain Aspect, physicist who, through experiment successfully demonstrated that a pair of particles could communicate (or where linked) and move as one no matter how far apart. It’s called quantum entanglement and was first brought up by prof. A. Einstein and another 2 of his peers as a theory around 1935. These new findings are very controversial due to their implications with regards to Einstein’s quantum theory and his views of the world who would argue that particles moving simultaneously would require the information used to communicate between these particles to move faster than the speed of light which would be breaking the time barrier! Well, A. Aspects demonstrated it in 1982. So that leaves us with two or three questions: is Einstein’s view on quantum theory wrong? Is the science of quantum mechanics inconsistent? If not then, is time travel feasible? Something for us to ponder about…
JARGON: To those of you who aren’t too familiar with quantum physics, quantum theory describes the behaviour and interactions of elementary particles and energy states and is based on the assumption that matter is energy in essence and possesses wave properties. We are talking about what matter is made of on a “nanoscopic” level and how these particles manage to go from an energetic state to solid matter. Nano- is 1million times smaller than micro- (10-9). So, science is looking that deep into the matter in quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics is the actual observation and measurement of these tiny particles’ interactions, based on the quantum theory or is the theory put into practice when measuring the infinitely small. As for quantum physics, well it is the branch of science that deals with just that which I mentioned above! Hope this all helps clarify.
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  1. Great blog!! And I gotta say that The Holographic Universe is still one of my all-time favourite books. Brilliant! I don’t get how it’s ‘philosophically depressing’ though?!?! Explain yourself! :PB-D:M

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