by Jackie Bn


I found this very interesting article from the ‘’ website about alternative medicine being deliberately suppressed for the sake of (you’ve guessed it) the big buck. Click to read article. And that got me ranting, so here it goes…

There is something so wrong about it (not the article, i mean the suppression of alternative medicine) I am trying to make sense of it. If I got it right, in order for petrol related businesses to thrive (cosmetics industries, medicine in this intsance, oils or transport companies) competition must be eradicated (that would be any business that doesn’t require you to spend much money on products such as natural home makeable medicine or sun powered cars for example). And this is done by the introduction of laws, licenses and regulations by governments and/or private bodies who use public health, safety and security as an excuse to take away some painfully earned constitutional rights and freedoms with the help of their mainstream propaganda media cousins (it’s all one big family as you will realise soon) and the (mis)education system.

Now, we are talking about a severe case that is the US of A’s here. Though this suppression campaign is being imposed to the rest of the world too, it is being fought back and delayed in Europe for now. So alternative medicine is still “mediatiseable” wherever possible on this side of the atlantic by those who still care about human condition and freedom of choice. Since the big elite corporations are behind the creation of think tanks (see my conspiracy topics) and thus the creation of most of, if not all of the world organisations (the biggest one being the UNO), it is only fair to assume that whatever law is introduced through such world organisations will eventually be applied to all the countries through the subsidiaries such as the  Asian, African and European unions.

Medicine drugs are products for us to consume just like any other products we consume on a daily basis. Pharmaceutical industry is a business. Its purpose in life is making profit just like in the car and chocolate manufacturing industry. People’s health and well being comes second if at all. From there I understand that drugs are made to relieve symptoms of a disease rather than cure it for it would drive the drug business to bankruptcy if no one was to need drug ever again! Makes sense. We have to stay sick to keep the business running. Now in order to secure the market pharmaceuticals need to eliminate all the alternatives, especially those medicines that don’t require people to stay involved in the monetary system. These medicines include homeopathy, oriental medicine, herbal therapies, thalassotherapy, chiropractic and so on… In order to do this, the pharmaceutical corporate bosses use their convenient friends in high places to pressure governments into regulating (forbidding the practice of, would be more accurate) traditional medicine for the sake of the now 70years old or so orthodox medicine (the one that uses man made drugs rather than natural drugs). Thus Doctors aren’t allowed to prescribe anything other than chemically processed medicine unless they wish to lose their licences as government recognised healers (which brings me to question the education system in general and the purpose of acquiring diplomas for anything other than monetary and activity control…). If a real caring doctors wants to do his job as a healer he can either “illegally” (not approved by the government regardless of the righteousness of the act) advise his patients into getting healthier or practise without a government license which would make his task most difficult since we have been brought up to think of unlicensed professionals as charlatans, rightly so sometime due to bad publicity or deliberate misinformation.

What is more striking is to see the same big names appearing again and again in this apparently unrelated topic, namely: the Rockefellers, JP Morgan, IG Farben Cie etc…(I’m being lazy here but will pretend it is for your own good and conviction that you research these names yourselves. This way you will get the information and read articles that you chose for yourselves about these folks not I for you to read. But if you are being lazy too, then have a look through my Bilderbergers Conspiracy topic). Coming back to Rofellers and co, aren’t these people in oil, banking and war waging? What business would they possibly have in science and medicine regulation, one might wonder? They must be the friends in high places with all the necessary connections I mentioned earlier. In a word, whaterver requires the use of petrol-derived ingredients in the manufacturing process is owned or controlled by the same corporate elite groups who also ensure (or working on it) that these petrol-derived ingredients are the only ones allowed in the world markets for the manufacturing of any kind of products (fuel for cars, cosmetics, household products, medicines, food etc..) in order to secure an illimited demand/supply relationship in this monetary system we’re living in. And to get to that stage of monopoly, competition must be eliminated one way or an other. And that’s where the media come in and require to be controlled as well by those corporates so the people can be hypnotised into believing that good is bad and vice e versa and that we should consume what they want us to consume.

Well I’d say it all make sense when we pull up the shutters or our head out of the hole and realise that there is a world conspiracy and a war declared against us (the normal people who just want to live simply, comfortably and happily for the duration of our journey on this planet without bothering anybody around us) by our fellow human peers (the not normal people suffering from the master of the universe syndrome, who want to live complicatedly for the duration of their journey on this planet by alienating, corrupting, destroying as many souls and as much resources as possibly can to secure this “happiness” for them and themselves only. Oh and their children too of course.

Which begs the question: Since 1)all they’re seeking is total control of water/food/air supply by destroying the real and manufacturing the fake then making us buy it thus keeping us enslaved and dependant; 2) they’re sucking all the planet’s natural resources empty and dead; and 3) they regard us as nothing but cattles and live stock for productivity without any consideration whatsoever, ARE THEY HUMAN??


For we are the providers of their happiness and that is why we feel miserable. We just can’t quite put our fingers on that thing that is making us so unhappy simply because it is not here for us to see. On the other hand we aren’t in a rush to find out as this realisation would concequently require some serious pettiness ditching from us which we’re not quite ready for as there won’t be much else for us to hold on to! We have enslaved ourselves to a materialistic idea (That life is about consumming ourselves “happy” and not much else really). This idea has become our master and the only difference with a physical master is that we don’t get fed and accommodated. No, this we have to do ourselves which is worse. Thus we drown ourselves in entertainment and pseudo hobbies, to forget about that misery which we don’t know how to rid ourselves of. Too few of us know any better. Those of us who try to help and wake us up by exposing the biggest scams of this world end up mysteriously dead or just get assassinated (usually public figures such as presidents or celebrities get the honour of assassinations by “lunatics”, journalists and investigators get the more mysterious death treatment), drugged into a vegetative state in a mad house or ridiculed at best. What we don’t realise is that we are being pushed to forget about that misery so the happy bastards can remain happy in their illusion of world mastery and we can remain content in our illusion of being in control of our own lives which only purpose seems to be the accumulation of material wealth. Why else intoxicating chemically processed recreation drugs would be advertised and widely available such as alcohol and nicotine? Why else night clubs bars and pubs are found at every street corners? Why else is the show, celebrity adulation and fashion business so prolific? Why else do the insurance policies business spread and apply to every single stupid item you could possibly think of in this world (living and non living entities)? So we don’t waste our time wondering why we are wealthy yet still miserable. That’s one reason. Us being spoilt irresponsible children who refuse to look further than our noses and want our arses to be wipe by others is the other reason. The public demand for consumming is an excuse for the suppliers (corporations) to supply more, not the reason why they do so (the reason being to keep us enslaved to our master idea).

The truth is that we are nowhere near in control of our lives. Otherwise we wouldn’t be working like machines to pay horrendously imposed bills and maintain some horrendously imposed lifestyle at the expense of some horrendously battered and abused innocent children who won’t ever know what being a child is because we blindliy and grantedly indulge ourselves with chocolate bars, IPods and vanity shoes (Yes, eating a chocolate bar, buying branded clothes and updating you hardware every two months IS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. Keeping up with technology in order to communicate on is one thing; buying the latest gadgets and shoes every time there is a release on the market just to look cool and trendy is an other that makes you the perfect product of your environment, an ignorant robot thus with no sense of self, who ultimately comit legalised crime on a regular basis, well done).

Since we are not sure who to blame for what’s happening to us, we feel powerless. I would say that the enemy isn’t that remote. On the contrary, we should be looking much much closer. We should take a closer look at our own selves. We have forgotten how to be responsible and just know how to blame others for our own misfortune and dis-ease. We, the people living in the rich exploiting part of the world are taking our lives, liberties and what we are being imposed as privileges for granted. We tend to forget that we are making ourselves comfortable at the expense of other people’s welfare and our environment. By privileges I mean the “right” to consume and live as a consumer for the sake of consuming. By “imposed” I mean that the current system deliberatley omit to educate us about alternative way of life. Our consuming behaviour has consequences that affect our way of life, our environment, our politics, our education, our health in our country but also in the most remote ones that most of us would never have heard of. But because we don’t see those consequences (or it is deliberately not being shown to us) we just don’t care or don’t want to care or don’t feel concerned about people living on the other side of the planet.

Why blame the corporations for the ills of this world? We buy from them after all. We cannot just demand and then blame the suppliers. They may be pushing us to consumption in sublimating ways we could never imagine but that’s about all they can do. We choose to listen the crap coming out of their mouth (media) and buy their criminal or poisonous stuff (Oh man, I will come back to that later. Think we know what’s in the food that we eat?). That’s too easy to say that we have been brainwashed and don’t know what we’re doing for we do well. We are just a bunch of hypocrite who refused to let go of the meat that tastes (lets face it) so nice and the materials that are making us feel secure, comfortable and happy. It’s all in the head because these things don’t actually secure or comfort. In fact they generate more insecurity and crime, for those who don’t have and can’t afford to have also want this fake happiness of ours and go to all extent to get it. The demand of fake comfort generates more pollution. The pollutions generate more regulations, laws and taxes. More taxes mean we must work harder and longer to maintain fake standards. More laws and regulation means less freedom or liberties…. All this because we consume and buy from those corporations who exploit enslave and abuse the less fortunate of the remote countries and destroy the world and its natural resources. Who’s to blame now? Demanding that our government do something about anything that’s bothering us is irresponsible because we are the ones who could actually act on it by simply not participating in this system we don’t want to be part of. Suing governments for all sorts of pettiness because some shit happened to us outside our home is irresponsible. Buying insurance policies just so we can peacefully be irresponsible IS way beyond my comprehension.

It is really down to us to make ourselves be happy again. Not to some third party. If the system mis-educate our kids then we the adults should educate them at home. It only take one generation to change a society to better or worse. We should start by switching that damn TV set off and hit libraries and browse the internet (not just to get hooked on facebook) while these are still available and free of access…. We have the world and knowledge on files and practically in our pockets, why don’t we enjoy this kind of liberty? I suppose, as history has shown, we will do something about it when we realised it’s gone. “We learn from history that Man can never learn anything from history” Georg W. Hegel (1770 – 1831).

As the Tricky song goes, “Hell is just around the corner…”. Time to wake up.

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Web article: more on the Rockfeller report about the ban of alternative medicine in America (published 1999) at Illuminati News. See also: European government forbid the practice of alternative medecine by licenced physicians… (PDF) The future of Regression therapy and Shirley’s wellness cafe website all about alternative medicine.

GP can loose their license if they prescribe anything other than pharmaceutical drugs and advise patients on alternative therapies. Nature cannot be patented. If it’s not patented, it’s not profitable. If it’s not profitable, then it is against the monetary system we all live under. If it’s against that system, it is a threat to its sustainability and must be eliminated. To eliminate or ban it, it must be proven hazardous to health. But people don’t need proof, they just need convictions. You convince people by mean of propaganda. You promote the benefits of man made drugs and leave the disadvantage and harm to be known only if you really look for it; you denounce the hazards of natural drugs and leave the benefits to be know only if you really look for it. The truth is that chemical drugs act quick but have damaging effects in the long term if taken regulary. Natural drugs act slow but have curing effects in the long term if taken regulary. Overdose kills, including overdose of nature. It is a matter of KNOWING what and how much of nature you need to produce the desired effect. There is a reason why druids, witches, shamans, natural healers and white magicians have been (and still are) discredited, presecuted, hunted through the ages. They are a threat to the current status quo.

Website: Who owns what? Online directory and resources of giant media companies and what they own (movies, magazines, tv channels, news papers etc…). Not so free the media! See also: AND AND Six Jewish Companies Own 96% of the World’s Media web article. The power of lies, deceptions and disinformation as Americans pay the price of collective stupidity” read more

Website: FOOD-INFO. What’s in the food that you eat? The ingredients listed at the back of our products defined on this website as well as how and if it affect your health. See also: The doctors reference site for further details, data sheets and reports about processed food ingredients.

Video: EARTHLINGS (1:35:28 google video)
EARTHLINGS is a feature length documentary about humanity’s absolute dependence on animals (for pets, food, clothing, entertainment, and scientific research) but also illustrates our complete disrespect for these so-called “non-human providers.” The film is narrated by Academy Award nominee Joaquin Phoenix (GLADIATOR) and features music by the critically acclaimed platinum artist Moby .

Web article: February 2009. Example of toxic waste managment by newspaper.

Video: Waste management: Landfill (12:10 google video) An educational film about landfill sites. The film takes you on a trip to a landfill site, explores what waste is and where things go when we throw them away.


Website: Chemicals in Cosmetics: Same as food, only with cosmetics!. Think it before you wear it! See also Skin Deep, cosmetic safety database. See also Cosmetic ingredients database or as a search engine for cosmetic ingredients.

Website: WHYWORK?.org Sarah Nelson and colleagues offers some interesting answers on the Big quesiton!

Web videos: Why I am a vegetarian, why I resent human nature, why I am not proud to be what I am, why ignorance is CRIMINAL…. 1)Free me video; 2)Cooking and eating snakes and fishes alive for fun; 3)A bunch of idiots filming a suffocating fish on a dish; 4)The life of animals raised for food so we can indulge in unnecessary food and burgers and cheap meals; 5)Animal cruelty for fun and so we cram our faces younger;

Web pages: Animal slavery, we don’t protest because we don’t know. Now we do… Planned slavery, from America to the rest of the world (Notice the same big names coming up again in this article); How poor countries’s economy are being hijacked by western governments. Example of modern day slavery, rubber plantation in Lyberia owned by american corporation.

Search recommendation: Corporations in third world countries; Animal cruelty, Modern slavery, Monetary system, alternative medicine, Bilderberg group, World organisations and think tanks, world conspiracies, Vegetarian food, meat alternative.

We can change all of this: If you don’t want to be part of a system, dont PARTicipate and stop being a blind ignorant consummer: think it before you buy it!











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