by Jackie Bn

I just heard about the new FICTION from the “Da Vinci Code” author, Dan Brown, to be released on September 15th 2009. It is titled: “The lost symbol”. As we all know, it is impatiently awaited by the fans that include myself and I am indeed looking forward to great entertainment filled with mystery, conspiracy, History and thrill! I thought It’d be a good occasion to reminisce and share my thoughts about the first book I read from his collection and how it affected my life to date.

I Read the Dan Brown’s “Da Vinci Code” 6 years ago (2003) before the  D.Brown frenzy started really kicking here in Europe. I have come across many online threads discussing the book, its content and how it affected the readers, sometime very passionately debating about the subjects the novel covers. The comments were ever so lively as indeed everyone who has read the book has somehow been moved by it! Many comments made my blood pressure rise and many reminded me that sanity was still walking among the living! The story is a fiction incorporating many (though not all) verifiable data. How you choose to interpret the story is entirely up to you. The point is that it did the job for everybody namely the author and the readers: it sold and it entertained. The bonus was that it covered very sensitive matters that rose the public’s curiosity and got them to look further into those matters. It was controversial, and I loved it.

Loved it so much, it got me back to reading again!!! Let’s say that back at school they didn’t make the greatest effort to get me to enjoy literature, let alone reading. Mr Dan Brown, I owe you! Every chapter of the book got me to stop and write down stuff to look up for later. I just couldn’t believe some startling facts mentioned in the story were just fictive ones because it was actually making more sense to me the way the author put them in the fictive context, I had to go find out and rid my fragile little mind of any confusions…and this is where it all started… I had just woken up to the fact that I might be worlds away from knowing things! Then as with all researches, one subject lead me to another and I have since discovered the world of Conspiracy theories through amazing critics, intellectuals and journalists who, regardless of their own beliefs, got me to really question my place in this world, the establishment, the education system and so on. But also these very CTs made me discover the other worlds of Esoteric, Spiritualism, Philosophy, Symbology, Cryptology, Ancient history, Archaeology, Herbology, Cosmology, Astrology etc… all so closely related. Just getting introduced to this panel of knowledge brings you to understand so much about what’s going on within, without and around you; how little we know of things that are literally immaterial yet so much more important in life and I just can’t help but wondering what it is really I have been learning at school and at home! No offence mum and dad, you didn’t know any better.

Now if you enjoy so much the thrill of Conspiracies, History and mysteries, more of my favourite FICTIONS I’d like to recommend in the same field:
The rule of four ” by I. Caldwell & D. Thomason
Foucault’s Pendulum” by Umberto ECO
Crusader Gold ” by D. Gibbins
The righteous men” by S. Bourne
Entangled” by G. Hancock
All the ingredients are there, informative and entertaining with subjects worth exploring!

And remember: when talking about unfathomable things or entities, just because we haven’t seen it, experienced it or known it, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a remote possibility that it actually exists. And vice e versa… You just have to keep an open mind.

And speaking of entertainment, as we are being entertained 24/7 by mainstream media (TV shows, radio, magazines etc..) and don’t bother questioning their more than questionable content. Why is it that a book sold as entertainment material incorporating controversial yet worthy of interest facts and that actually successfully stimulates the public’s brain cells, is being so criticised? For sure “Big Brother” or “the X factor” are less of brain teasers and no threat whatsoever to any establishment or anybody’s belief system…So in a way, I suppose it figures.

Despite the mistakes and dead-end we get ourselves into by searching for facts and truth, it remains that the greater the knowledge, the broader the understanding of all things, the more open the mind, the more tolerant the people and the wiser the world. Denial of facts is motivated by fear; plain acceptance of unverified statements is passivity motivated by stupidity both of which resulting in the state the world is at today. Not pretty:(

So my say is to Dan Brown and the likes: thank you for producing such brain teasers. They move us, shock us and get us to react, debate, discuss and share information and feelings. It’s like learning while having fun. Better than school even!

So long my reader friends…

GET CURE-YOU-S! Switch the tube off, read more.


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