by Jackie Bn

WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE (Article dated January 2008. The Guardian online, UK. By Tom Hodgkinson)

Last year I came upon this article from the Guardian papers online. I walled the link on my ‘facebook’ page to share the info to make sure people were all well aware (I feel I’m always the last to know) of the intelligence behind the social community networks and that they knew what happens to the information they think they share with just their friends. No one seemed bothered with it. My post felt more like a mosquito buzzing around your ear, that you just get rid of and move on with what you’re doing, namely: anonymously peeping into one another’s life which is, let’s face it much more fun. Why do I have to turn up and spoil everything? It’s just a social network for goodness’ sake! I should go get a job, really.

So, now that I’m updating my page I thought I’d remind those of you who are new to the online social community frenzy as, according to facebook statistic, there are thousands of joiners around the world every day to the network.

There is a reason, when you sign up, why you come face to face with an inquisitive panel of personal questions asking about you real name, your civil and domestic data, how you know your friends, where you met your friends, your credit cards details and so on…

Contrary to what they’d have us believe, the creators of facebook are not just allowing us to get together online to communicate the easy way by eliminating the physical distance between ourselves, or allowing us to share videos, pictures and information out of humanity and altruism. They are using all the information we think we are sharing between just friends for intelligence purposes, to monitor our life better by using the feeds to create and implement tailor-made policies that will control us better in the future but also tailor-made advertising that will push us deeper into that comfort zone so comfortable that we would never give it up for anything in the world!

By that I mean: from our information alone that they pass on with our permission (yes it says so in the small print) to third (advertising) parties, they can fashion the perfect ad that will pop up on our page, and God knows where else, every now and then using the perfect images and the perfect words that will appeal to us (our vanity being the main target) and make us think we must have what’s advertised; all this to keep us consuming goods that we don’t actually need but think we do because the ad sublimely suggests we do. Also by that I mean: Since facebook creators are partly contracted by CIA (see the facebook article) and maybe (out of speculation here) collaborating with international intelligence agencies (MI6, Mossad, Interpol, you name it) they are using all the data available (from over 60 million unaware users), working hard to find patterns of unusual behaviour or trends among the masses, making sure the general thinking is still as it is wanted to be and that no suspicious group activity arises. If any changes occur, they can respond by introducing a solution to their problem, having studied our behaviour as a whole ever so closely (See video about global conspiracy). Great strategy when you want to control the mass and make sure it doesn’t find out or take the time to find out what the mastermind behind it is up to.

You will be told by most authorities that if you don’t do anything wrong then you shouldn’t have anything to hide or be worried about the information you give away, be it online or anywhere else. The fact is, anything that you give away can be turned around and used against you when the occasion calls for it. Surely you must have watched enough American series about law to understand how these things work when it comes to turning words against you! If you happen to have done nothing wrong, even worse as you end up being an unfortunate victim of your own carelessness and credulity. As it is better to be safe than sorry, I will always advise on the discretion of the information that you share online. After all, regardless of Big Brother monitoring your every breath, there could be a pervert passing for your friend you just met on the other side of a computer!

Having ‘said’ that, it’s not helping to cancel every single account you registered online out of paranoia or just because some idiots like me who may be full of it just say so. On the contrary, since those sites are available to us for sharing information, let’s share information intelligently. Instead of writing in your profiles: “I live at 10 Downing street, My door’s always open, I have 12 credit cards, here are the account numbers …” why not write “ I live in London, I like reading, did you know that online communities were not used just for socialising? Here, check this out…” How is that for information sharing?

At the end of the day, it’s your life that you’re putting at risk (or not). Today’s manufactured enemy is Muslim terrorism. If you happen to have been at the same school as Bin Laden, may the almighty help you!! Rendition is not out of fashion and has actually been reinforced in the new American administration (see video about Obama: the deception). When the world gets bored of the ‘Mr Laden’ hype, another enemy will be manufactured, say Mother Nature and the global warming (just an example) If you happen to be a frequent flying electricity-consuming-devices maniac 4×4 driver, may the almighty help you when your time comes. Joining the “save the trees” community now won’t help you then when the CIA operatives come abduct you half way to the airport, taking you to a remote secret location asking you questions about your carbon footprints! You won’t be able to deny, they have the negs and gathered all you freely shared information for the past 10 years! Far stretched? Not that far I don’t think. I’m sure you get the picture.

Big Brother is not there to watch over you! Think it before you share it.

GET CURE-YOU-S! Pass it on.

Born and bred miserable.

Some videos about facebook:

OUR LIVES, OUR FACEBOOK (40:00 Lecture) Google TechTalks May 3, 2006 Fred Stutzman id a PH.D. student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s School of Information and Library Science


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (36:15 Conference) The boss and his growing kid.


WHAT THEY REALLY HAVE ON YOU: (04:08 Ad) Think that’s scary?

Short videos making fun of Facebook:

Out of interest, some videos about Extraordinary Rendition:
VIDEO: EXTRAORDINARY RENDITION. (1:16:59 Film) A man is abducted from the streets of London and transported via secret flights to an unknown country…
VIDEO: DEMOCRACY NOW! (28:35 Documentary) 1: Extraordinary Rendition Victim Maher Arar Accepts Letelier-Moffitt Human Rights Award 2: Ghost Plane: The True Story of the CIA Torture Program
And that goes for every online social community networks service.










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