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Do they know or are they just ignorig it?

Since The American (as a consuming people, as a government, as  corporations and world organisations) are influencing, shaping and deciding the fate of the world overtly since WW1 ended if not earlier, it is fair to say that the world will get (relatively) better when the american affairs get better.

There is a lot going on out there between the people and their government, a government that seems to be a country of its own within the country (as in the U.S corp. within the USA which would make the USA without a government of its, which would also explain the mess it’s in now). Only this U.S government is bossing around the bigger country it’s in and the rest of the world while it’s at it! You follow me?

From one presidency to an other, since the assassination of JFK, the people gets promised one thing and the opposite gets delivered. The new president, B. OBAMA hasn’t changed this tradition. Alex jone expose the presidential scam in this video and calls out for the American people to react before they reach their point of no return which would be bad news for the rest of the world that I live in!

Watch the video. Hear the other side of the story and decide for yourself which is full of it (the mainstream media or the conroversial media). At the end of the day, for all we know, both could be manufactured to discredit one another. But at least you get to choose which truth or propaganda to go for as opposed to letting your brain being fed by just one body of information.

Video: President OBAMA: THE DECEPTION (Click here for info about the video content)

Interstingly, neither the Federal Reserve nor the IRS belong to the people of USA! The british crown and the Rothschild family among ohters (See FR chart below) own and control these governmental banks throught their own private banks!  Since the American government itself isn’t that of the people either (check out Lisa Guliani’s article) but a (U.S)corporation created by….yeah, private bankers (the great grand fathers of todays bankers) and thus governing the people of America (which make them without any soverignty whatsoever), they(FR and IRS) can indeed be called governmental in relation to the U.S government. We must just bare in mind that the government (and the constitution) isn’t one OF the people FOR the people but one OF the people FOR THE CORPORATE BANKERS!! The difference is so subtle that the american people has been tricked into accepting this corporate government as theirs when it is nothing but a huge parasite. I say “tricked” because surely no one with a normally functionning brain would ever knowingly allow the ownership of their whole body and soul to some alien entity, would they?
Now if I understood the whole scam correctly, here my sum up: Some european bankers created their own state (U.S corp) within the USA after a deal with the original People’s government. They then open their own bank there and appointed it THE bank that will supply(lend) the country with money, at a cost. Then to make sure this money gets back to them, they created the tax office knowm as IRS. This way, if the People can’t pay back what they borrowed well those bankers will sure go help themselves by imposing taxes. And if any smart arse would as much as try and go supply themselves with their own money or tell the the People about the rip off,  they sure will taste the rage of the almighty and get the public assassination treatment (the most popular being Lincoln and JFK brothers). The corporate U.S government (created by the europeans bankers ancestors) borrow money from its corporate bank F.R(created by the european bankers some then “americanised”) with interest to supply the American People with their needs (education, medicare, administration, deffense, etc…). These provisions of need are justifying the taxes imposed on them through the other corporate office (IRS) (created by the european bankers). Confused? Well I find this fustratingly fascinating!
Only problem is: this trio ‘s boss is supposed to be the United States of America’s People and not the Queen of England! Consequently, this People is the property of a corporation, not of itself. Yet this corporation seems to have juridiction only in that piece of land they’ve been given (Distric of Columbia) back in the days by the original people’s government, right? So basically they are taking the piss and advantage of a gullible people, right? So all it would take to change this is awarness of this People, right? But since the education department is a the US corporation and the maistream media is own by those very bankers, that doesn’t leave much space for raising awareness, right? And since homeland security and other intelligence agencie are also this U.S corporation, those who try to raise awareness don’t stand much chance in the game and get easily squashed, right. Well if I got to know this now, it does mean that some have managed to get through. Are they getting through to the American People though or are they too pleased with what their credit card can bring them to be willing to change anything? Hmmmm, I wonder…
Having said all that, We, europeans and the rest of the world for that matter, can’t really talk either; I don’t think to this day, there is one country in this world that isn’t run by an illegitimate corporation. Capitalism has reached every corner and therefor banks are indeed controlling most coutries and making sure it stays that way. I am wondering about Switzerland though, who doesn’t seem to be ivolved in any matters of this world for some strange reason. Isn’t it where everything of material values is being stored for safe keeping? This shall be my next search!
How private bankers bought the United States of America.
OWNERSHIP OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE Still think FR belong to the American people? Think agian.
Rothschild’s Federal Reserve Must Be Abolished Article by Allen L Roland, Ph.D posted July 2009 on The Peoples Voice website
The Educational System Was Designed to Keep Us Uneducated and Docile Posted March 2009 by The News From the West website
Who owns the media? Article posted March 2009 on the Pak Alert Press page (
The big six from the website.  Some more about the Big Media ownership.
Who owns what in the media worldwide, constantly updated. From Columbia Journalism Review website.

Uniform Commercial Code for Sovereigns by Angela Kahealani from her own website


Below is a comprehensive website, about pretty much every thing you may be wondering about! More specifically, in this blog post, about the global elite, the banking system and their ruling families, the new world orde, etc… You name it, you’ll find somthing about it there. It’s just amazing how much archive has been gathered there that is not always easy to find, even on the internet. Make the most of this knowledge while it is still accessible! It’s 15%spanish written and 85%english language.
Search through their archives here (suggestions: federal reserve, Rothschild, global elite, banking system, education, united states corporation)



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