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The “good links/bad links” tabs, that’s where the fun parts are! Know who is pulling your government’s strings.

This website specialises on gathering information about these secretive elite groups (working hard to keep it that way) meeting at secrets locations (they don’t want to risk any leaks) and discussing all the policies (those that directly concern us but the don’t want us to know about until it’s enfoced) that will eventually be implemented in our countries through our governments whose leaders are most handily members of one or more of these councils. Find out below the who’s who of the corporate elite.

Sample from Tony Gosling’s website:

The Big Four most interesting are Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations and The World Economic Forum (or Davos Group).

The Bilderberg Group

Doesn’t seem to be an official homepage

Taking its membership from Europe and North America this group was set up in 1954 by his ‘grey eminence’ Joseph Retinger and ex-SS officer Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands…Read more… Bildeberg froum here… Article from BBC news UK here

The Trilateral Commission

“The Trilateral Commission is international… [It]… is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States”

WITH NO APOLOGIES, Senator Barry Goldwater …Read more… and more…

Council on Foreign Relations

“The Council on Foreign Relations is the American Branch of a society which originated in England … (and) … believes national boundaries should be obliterated and one-world rule established”

WITH NO APOLOGIES, Senator Barry Goldwater …Read more

World Economic Forum; The Davos Group

Read more

Video: Ross Hemsworth interviews Tony Rosling for “Now tThat’s Weird” program about the Bilderberg group meetings, the attendees and its agenda (50:16)
Intersting article: Tony Gosling arrested in June 2008. Police raided his home confiscating his research materials, diaries, computers, contact lists, etc…  Read more

Other links:

Video: The United Nations and the Occult. Professor Walter Vieth demonstrates the UN’s occult agenda, and how they intend to set up a global religion. (1:31:38)

Video: What the United Nations Organisation is really up to. Presented by Alex Jone (1:59:28)

Interstingly, the new president of the US of A, Barack Obama, is tightly linked with a certain Zbigniew Brzezinski (I don’t believe there is one area in politics where this man hasn’t been involved) also member of many of those organisations mentioned above, and described as his puppet (check out also: “the men behind B. Obama” or this article about who really chose the Obama administration team). In this video entitled: “Obama and the global etlite” you will see that Brzezinski is shown as the one making most( if not all) the decisions on foreign policies (see CFR group) through Obama regarding Irak,Iran, Pakistan, Poland, Sudan, strategically aiming at cutting off oil and resources supplies to China and somehow turning her against Russia  to destabilise both powerful countries so the British/American empire can remain for an other hundred years according to Historian and researcher Webster Tarpley (who explains this more clearly in the Obama video, click here for hiswebsite and bibliography).


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