by Jackie Bn

What I have to say about Political correctness: A big heavy load of bullocks…

Political correctness is fairly recent business and has exponentially increased as the media overwhelmingly spread and contaminate people’s mind. It prevents us from using any words we want the way we want for some may offend sensitive minds and we might end up being sued for compensation by the offended in liberal societies like ours in Europe. Is it really about the word itself though? One word used on a daily basis by students, teachers, workers or officials, between relatives, friends or colleagues may become forbidden overnight nowadays because the authority has decided that is was no longer socially acceptable to use it. What happened? Has our mind gone so fragile and dependant it needs someone to tell it what’s ok to say and what’s not? Has the over mediatised use of words in undermining-fashions led to the lost of their true meanings? Have we suddenly forgotten to use our brains?? What is wrong with people these days???

When we make a speech, we do it within a context with chosen words, a tone, a posture, facial expressions etc…, the combinations of which are associated with particular meanings that we all have learnt to discern, decode and comprehend within our society or environment through childhood on. In other words, we are not totally retarded (sorry I meant mentally challenged) and are capable of  discerning what an orator means when words come out if its mouth. These characteristics in a speech are what gives meaning to words in that speech. If we mean to undermine, joke or inform, then every word used in our speech will have an undermining, funny or informative effect because this is what we intend to project through our speech. And that is done using the same words. Aren’t we wonderful animals! Now if over time a society tends to use a particular word only in an undermining way, the word becomes associated with its undermining meaning and it becomes less and less comfortable for someone to use it to mean otherwise although it was never a problem before it started being used to undermine. You follow me? I suppose as mentalities change, choices of words follow the trends and change too.

An article about Prince Harris, Mr Wales (and another more sensational article by the shameless News of the world papers with the video in bonus) appeared in news paper stating that he has offended the Pakistanis community by tagging one of his colleagues a “paki”. These two have been spending time together for months, for all we know they have built a friendship and are used to calling each other names like any friends do when they’ve known each other for so long without any insulting meaning behind it (at the end of the video, Harry is being asked about his pubic hairs. Some people would have been offended and felt degraded and humiliated by such question especially on video for many to see. Harris, for obvious reasons that are now aliens to us, didn’t: he knew it wasn’t meant in an offending way. But what do we know? Controlled media like to fashion public opinion by giving them the ‘infoxication’ -my choice of word- they want the public to get). Now what’s odd is that the colleague didn’t seem to have been bothered with the nickname. Surely he would have jumped on the opportunity and sue the wealthy prince for millions in compensation since precedents have opened the doors to this new business. But instead, a representation of the Pakistanis community has (been bothered) while they had nothing to do whatsoever with the comment that Harris made on the video (It was not a general comment about the Pakistanis people but the light hearted nickname given to a colleague). It simply has been taken out of its context and used as a mean of pressure to get the authorities to put the word on the black list hoping that this way it will put an end to the insults they get from whoever resent their community. Well, did it? If the now word “paki” is officially barred from any use then it will be replaced by another word of insult. This will have not end the problem of the Pakistanis community: they will still get the insults (just like any other communities do) only with different words! The insults is just a symptom of a problem which is that some people for some stupid reasons resent other people and thus call them names. Since we don’t seem to be able to get rid of this idea of rejecting differences, Pakistani community in this instance will always have a problem regardless of how many undermining words they manage to get suppressed by the authorities. It is not about the words. Political correctness does not solve your social issues.

Children get bullied at school, they are being called names. They grow up, they forget or not, it marks them or not, it affects their life at some level but they mostly get over it and move on. Of course in severe cases there will be the traumatised child who will grow into a serial killer or something in direct consequence of the bullying. It happens. Adults ought to teach their children how to behave in society but since they’re not showing much care, let alone examples, it’s quite worrying for the future generations. Instead they take some liberties for granted such as using their right to take anybody they want to court on whatever ground they can possibly think of for ridiculous amount of money because this is what our society has come to these days. Political correctness is a new ground for suit and an easy way of making money. Teaching behaviour to a child demands efforts and commitment, why bother? Let’s just wait till someone upset me, the I’ll sue them, I’ll get money, the word will magically disappear and I’ll feel much better. Now that’s what I’m going to teach my kids.

Today, If a word or an expression is used to undermine then it’s enough for the authority to cast it as not politically correct at the expense its other meanings which results in the choice of new words to express ourselves and does not change the fact that if we want to we can still undermine a person. It seems that all the authority needs is one person or group of people to demand that a word be banned from the dictionary and it’s done. If not then there will be prosecution and demand for compensation. Political correctness has become very lucrative as some money thirsty ‘rectums’ decided to make a business out of suing people for using words that’s ‘upset’ them (when really, they just fancied a nice trip to the Maldives). Any decent word can become undermining because our speech gives them the meaning. Forbidding words is totally pointless as people will always come up with other words to say and express what they mean!

In this other article, an east London professor gets the sack from its university for speaking his mind publicly using humour and sarcasm about the banking system. That’s happening in a ‘free country’ like the UK. Now normal people will understand that the comment from the teacher (about hanging bankers) wasn’t meant literally. Of course there are obvious implications in his public speech which are the points of his message. As a responsible person, the teacher should be prepared to bear the consequences of his actions (or speech in public) whichever they may be and get on with his life. What is startling here is to see that his university (out of all establishments) has no apparent reasons to rid of him (definitely not for expressing his right to free speech in a country of “freedom”) but did it anyway. Would this have anything to do with the fact that one of the banks being the subjects of his speech was financing the establishment itself and as a gesture of fidelity from the university, it decided to sack him to make their funders (owners) feel better about themselves? Hmmmm I wonder… So now what, we must keep our mouth shut in order to keep our job? What next?

Bottom line is: It’s never really been about the words. Really, who gives a shit, pardon my French, about political correctness? When we speak words, those who know us know what we mean. To those who don’t know us, we choose our words more carefully. It’s always been that way. It’s what makes a society function as a civilised entity by communicating with words of a common language and subtlety.

This notion of correctness as been introduced only in the recent decades and the increasing media overwhelming all of our senses have helped a lot in the process. Political correctness is just as undermining as the words it’s forbidding people to use, a breach to right of free speech and expression and it’s opened the door to another way of controlling people, of getting what we want from the authorities and financially profit from it (government and greedy citizens alike). Sorry, you can’t say that, it will upset people. Sorry you can’t do that, it will upset people. Sorry, you can’t write that, it will upset people. Whatever we do in life will affect someone somewhere at some level. It has always been, is and always will be like that. GET OVER IT. We managed so far, why not now?

Political correctness is in fact a step closer to and a serious symptom of a great disease called FASCISM. What’s the world coming to? Now words have a price and they don’t come cheap!

Switch off your TVs and wake up before it’s too late. Educate your children, Stop this obsession with money, don’t be afraid to say what you mean and mean what you say. Don’t just not care by letting a repressive system unfold in front of you until it starts bothering you but then it’s too late because you are no longer free to do, say or write to try and change it. If it doesn’t affect you now, it will soon enough.


Born and bred miserable.


Extract from ‘’ website:
“the creation of racism offences;
continual change to create confusion;
the teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
the undermining of schools and teachers’ authority
huge immigration to destroy national identity
the promotion of excessive drinking
emptying the churches
an unreliable legal system with bias against the victim of crime
dependency on the state or state benefits
control and dumbing down of media
encouraging the breakdown of the family
Sound all too familiar?”   Read more… here
Now council bans the use of ‘political correctness’ at work!!
Relax, it’s happening in the USA, we are not quite there…yet. Article from Daily Mail Online by Chris Brooke.  Read more…here
The titles “Mr” and “Mrs” are now banned from the PC!!!
Using ‘Miss’ and ‘Mrs’ has been banned by leaders of the European Union because they are not considered politically correct. Article from UK Daily Mail online by Daily Mail Reporter. Read more… here

Video (24:22): “The origins of Political Correctness can be found in the early part of the 20th Century…” from the Free Congress Foundation webpage. Google link


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