by Jackie Bn

GLOBAL WARMING IS the new excuse for new policies. Most policies in the world are implemented through the United Nations Organisation (UNO) as directed by international think tanks and commissions which, really, aren’t just thinkers (Click here for the list of those organisations that are deciding what’s best for us without our consent) that not many of us are aware of and consequently in the UK or France etc., through the European Union (being an offspring of the UNO).

Now let us remember that UNO and EU leaders are NOT elected democratically (i.e. by the people of any country) but nominated by the leaders and rulers of these organisations: the CORPORATE ELITES who act for their own benefits (anything but the good of the people, that is to say YOU).

In a word, these corporate elites do what they want and make sure we let them by diverting our attention for if we knew how these policies were affecting us in our daily lives, we would not let them happen: they (the corporations) keep us busy being comfortably sucked into consumerism: Here, have some money, I got plenty, take it, buy my latest toys and technology, eat my GM junk, drink my alcohol (it’s ok, I’ve taxed it), smoke my cigarettes (don’t worry, I put chemicals in them, it’s safe and it’s taxed too. Just watch out for cancer and whatever you do, don’t touch marijuana: it’s natural, untaxed thus dangerous and it will damage your neurones, trust me), watch my corporate bitches shaking their arses in my videos, listen to my corporate 5 cents idiot encouraging you to more crime (after all he empathises with your sorry lives, he’s been there too you know, he’s still there only richer thanks to your neurosis), and don’t forget my news, I’ve tailored them especially for you, I want to make sure you think straight here and know exactly what’s going on in your world. Oh and don’t worry, you can repay me over 50 years time with 30% interest and for that you have to make sure you go to work every day to my corporate companies and follow all my H&S  regulations to the letter and breath and fart only when we tell you to. There, take it, there’s plenty for everyone, after all there only numbers and as long as I have space on my memory card I’ll provide you with these electronic numbers because I’m God: I rule the world!

If we decide to even try and stop them (which would require us to stop our psychotic behaviour as consumers for the sake of consuming), there is a chance we lose this comfort of ours; we wouldn’t want that would we? What would be left for us to hold onto, hey? No, think we’ll pass, but thank you though. Die on our feet or live on our knees, we already made our choice here: Servitude shall be our salvation.

Big Bro (facebook and other social e-communities) wants you to be stuck online as soon as you hit your home. Well while we’re at it, anonymously peeping into each other’s lives, why not use BB to make ourselves aware of what it’s been up to lately? Don’t keep your head in the hole, take a minute between two web pages to read these ones, they don’t bite.

Feel free to retaliate. Make the most of that liberty while it’s still available.

Born and bred miserable.


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11 responses to “CONSUMERISM and POLITICS

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